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Please give me some of your thoughts on lure colours.......

I would really like to write an article for Sea Angler magazine about the somewhat daunting subject of what colours on lures might work the best for bass fishing, and I would love to be able to include anglers' thoughts and/or quotes in there to make it a more rounded piece that then goes towards helping other anglers out when they come to choose a colour of lure to fish with. I am rather hoping that this blog might be a good way to collate some of these thoughts and ideas together, but then there is also the chance that my idea falls flat on its face and nobody gets involved at all. If the idea of telling me a bit about your preferred colours and your reasons or theories behind them appeals to you, then please leave your thoughts in the comments section of this post down below - along with your first and last name so that I can quote you if needs be in the article. If you do not want to be quoted then please don't leave a comment on this post, obviously !!

Like many of you I am sure, on one day I might think that the colour of a lure means nearly everything, but then the next day stuff could happen that then makes me starting thinking that perhaps colour does not have much to do with it at all. I mean how on earth can a lure like the Maria Chase BW in that garish holographic silver be meant to represent anything remotely "natural" in the water ? Yet because of this lure in this particular colour I have tended to have a predisposition towards lures with this kind of colouration. Why ? Because I have caught bass on this sort of colour in flat seas, rough seas, bright days, overcast days, clear water, coloured water etc. This colour gives me confidence. But what about you ?

And what about the supposed "rules" of lure colours ? Bright lures on bright days, dark lures on overcast days, black lures at night, orange at first light, etc. Do these "rules" work for you, or do you even pay any attention to them at all ? Would you always rather go for a natural colour in a lure like on the DUO Tide Minnow above ? Do you carry a selection of different colours for deliberate reasons, or just because they looked nice on the shelf or on a website ?

See what I mean ? A subject that is never going to have any definitive yes or no answers as far as I can tell, but on the other hand it's a subject that I think confuses the hell out of lure anglers from time to time. I know it does me, and especially for example when a mate goes and clips on a lure in a colour I have never used before and then proceeds to smash a few fish right in front of me. Or I take a punt, clip on something that makes no real sense to me because say the fishing is tough, and then I go and catch on it. Like with this IMA Popkey above, in exactly this colour. Now of course there are loads of other colours of Popkey that slay fish, but because I did so well on the yellow-head it is a colour that is always in my lure box. But when did you ever see a yellow-headed, clear-bodied baitfish swimming around in the UK ? Why for example do so many bass anglers I know have a serious thing for the Xorus Patchinko II in the "Nacre" colour, when it surely makes absolutely no sense at all here in the UK or Ireland. But I have seen the damage this surface lure can do. I would honestly welcome your thoughts and ideas so that I can have a go at writing an article that might at least start laying down some up to date ideas on this particular subject. My thanks in advance for your help.