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Please go and see my brothers' new feature film

Yup, you've got it, this is a shameless plug for my brothers' new film that comes out in cinemas next week. Please, please go and see it !! How could I not be shouting about this ? My two younger brothers have made one hell of a film and it is in cinemas from next week - check out listings at the VUE cinemas here for example. I believe the official UK launch is 9th September. I know that Friday tends to be my "Friday Rant" day on this blog, but how can I rant about stuff when I am so excited and proud that this film is coming out ? I don't know much about what really goes into getting these films from idea to cinema, but I do know it is one hell of a scary business to be in at times. If the two of them make some proper dosh from this game one day then they will have deserved every single penny of it, and I for one hope they do - because I know that it will enable them to continue doing what they are so incredibly passionate about. As anybody who works in something that is a passion will attest to I am sure, the money is never a primary motivator to doing it............

I am really hoping that the film will still be on in Plymouth when I get back from Ireland so that I can go and see it with my wife. I saw an early sort of version of it a while back, but I can't wait to see it on the big screen with all the proper sound, music and effects etc. Check out a trailer for the film here, and there is a Facebook page for it as well here. The UK film industry needs all the support it can get, and I just so hope that "A Lonely Place to Die" really does some good stuff for all the people involved in it who worked so hard at it. The film is a pure shot of adrenaline that I can assure you will leave you somewhat breathless, and there is some insanely beautiful camera work in there. I seriously dig those wide shots of the Scottish Highlands that I believe were filmed from a helicopter. Please go and see it !! Plug over, but then seeing a film that your brothers made going out in the cinema does not happen every day of the week - so I reckon I have a right to be rather proud and excited. Have a good weekend all.

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