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Pleased with this front cover

While I fully accept that my photo on the front cover of the current issue of Trout Fisherman magazine is not about to win a load of awards for photography excellence, it's always a buzz to get a cover - but the fact that it's a shot from a point on that particular day when we had lost any decent light and I was forced to really look around for impact shots is what pleases me the most. I love big blue sky photos as much as the next bloke, but I do get a bit of a kick out of making rubbish light look kind of ok. When you are out on a job like this one, you can't sit around moaning about stuff that is not quite perfect - you need to get in there and make it look as good as you can.

A couple of hours before and the light was going off big time, but not the fish. Typical, but that's part of the job. Russ nails this fish right at the death, but the last thing I want to do is to frame him up all wide and bring in loads of scudding, grey sky. Bake Lakes in Cornwall is a great place, but there is hardly any backdrop to put guys against when the light goes down the pan. Solution ? Shoot from very slightly above Russ from a spit of land in front of him, framing him nice and tight to take as much of the slightly dire sky out (note the bent fly rod does not extend about the trees below, this is very deliberate), but just wide enough to get a proper kind of "trout being netted" photo. Underexpose slightly to hold as much of the contrast in the sky as possible. Below is my original shot, so you can see how Trout Fisherman has cropped it slightly and made it work with all the necessary cover stuff around it. I like what they have done.

What a stunning weekend down here - had all kinds of plans to head out bass fishing on Sunday, but the water where I wanted to go was still full of weed and very coloured from the blow up we had last week. Some places just take a bit of time to clear up, but I did head down to the Tamar for a couple of hours to "play" with a few lures I have been photographing here. Some very cool stuff indeed. On Saturday I went to the beach for a picnic with my eldest daughter, and it was just magical to sit behind a rock, get out of the wind, and sit there with the sun on our faces while we had our sarnies and a flask of hot chocolate in that awesome new Thermos I was on about the other day. Pure heaven. We saw not one other person down on the beach. The simplest things in life are always the best. I simply can not imagine living away from the sea.

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