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Plenty of fish, but no cod

Should have been there the night before !! Both Simon Jackson and I reckoned there would be a fair sea running at Chesil after the winds we have had recently, but in actual fact it was virtually flat calm and incredibly bright with the moon out. A stunning night and great fun to catch a load of fish, but really we were after cod - and they resolutely were not playing ball at all. I reckon the previous night would have seen far better conditions, for recent reports have been of some cracking fishing up there.

Whacking out baits off the beach is a little bit different to the bass fishing that I have been concentrating on, but it was a blast to get the Penn 525 Mag reels out, clip on some pulley rigs and make up some delightful looking squid, lug and crab baits. Apart from light tackle bassing on the Irish beaches, the majority of my shore fishing is off the rocks, and I tend to feel a bit "lost" on a huge beach like Chesil where I can't read the water and make head or tail of what is going on beneath the surface. But I was lucky to be fishing with Simon who knows the beach well, so I was in safe hands. Rest assured that he comprehensively outfished me on the dogfish and whiting side of things, but I was concentrating more on putting out big baits and hoping for a nice cod. That's my excuse anyway.

Above is one of the generally small and somewhat anemic whiting we had last night, but at least they kept the rod tips bouncing away. Dogfish I can always do without, but we all know that they have saved many a potentially blank session. What surprised me last night was the number of anglers all along the beach - great to see and I hope this carries on right through the winter. Cod have an almost mythical allure to us UK shore anglers, and I dread to think of the countless thousands of hours I have chasing them in years gone by. Worth every single minute though.

Any of you with young kids out there will know all about a problem I have right at this very moment - and it is driving me completely mad. My wife and I let our two young girls have no more than half an hour of children's television a day, right after their tea and just before we take them upstairs to give them a bath. Most of the stuff they watch seems to be complete drivel to me (Lazy Town anyone ?), but they seem to love it, and we make sure they watch programmes with at least a little "merit".

But what is this problem ? The f%$&%$ songs that are played during the programmes, when they get in your head and refuse to leave you alone. Not very extreme metal or rough and tumble I know, but at the moment I simply can not get this "Iggle Piggle" song from the programme In the Night Garden out of my head !!!! My youngest daughter was given an Iggle Piggle teddy for her birthday on Monday and it keeps playing the tune. Totally inane, completely stupid, designed for kids, and last night on the beach I had this wretched song going off in my head all the time. I even had it bouncing around my skull when I was taking Jess for a walk early this morning. What do I do ? Help me.....

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