Pounding seas

Ever since we got here late on Friday, the seas have been pounding in, pushed by pretty strong onshore winds and really up and down weather - one minute the sun is out and I am getting the suncream on, and the next minute it is nearly time to put a fleece on. Still, this kind of weather is what makes us Brits great !!

I tucked away as much as I could this morning close to Trevone to try plugging for bass, but those waves just kept on pounding. I had to time it so that I cast and fished in a lull between the biggest waves, and then backed off as the lines of rollers came in. I knew it was too rough for lure fishing, but I wanted to give it a go - a fish turned on me, but I could not tell if it was a bass or a pollack. The actual clarity of the water is not that bad, but it is going to have to calm down somewhat for me to have a proper chance up here on the north Cornwall coast.

But to be perfectly honest, I am not really that bothered that plugging conditions are not great, for I am getting some proper time to spend with my family. Work and travel has been pretty hectic recently, so I am loving being out of my office for a few days and getting to spend uninterrupted time with my wife and two daughters. I have even played a bit of golf, but frustratingly not that well as I have not been playing much for ages. That little white ball could drive a man insane !!

I am not sure what the weather is forecast to do, but if it calms off I am going to get back out for a few hours bassing. And if not, at least I have got a week in south east Ireland coming up from the middle of July - now that is something I seriously can't wait for.