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Precision casting

I went out for a day last week to shoot some more fly casting photos with Nick Hart for our regular features in Trout Fisherman magazine - fly fishing on rivers can look awesome (see here for some very recent Iceland photos), and we some fairly good conditions for shooting roll and side casting. OK, so we had to wait around sometimes while the heavens emptied down on us, but Nick and I nailed a good job. I took the photo above while standing on a little stepladder in the middle of the River Exe - a few walkers came by and must have wondered what on earth was going on !! Pretty big bloke in waders, standing on a ladder in the river, rattling off frames as his mate does perfect cast after perfect cast. "Are all fishermen this mad ?"

Here's Nick side casting under some trees - sea anglers who dismiss fly fishing out of hand, or fly guys who dismiss anything not involving a fly all need to wake up a bit. Fishing is just fishing, and the more I learn about these deft ways of fishing with small soft plastics for bass, the more I am reminded of fly fishing - precision, accuracy, feel, they are all required. I loke being around any kind of fishing that I view as dynamic and involving.

Above is a shot of the fly reel that Nick was using for the photo shoot - the little and often unsung Greys Streamlite fly reel that is designed to partner the stunning StreamFlex range of rods. Hype ? No, just plain fact. These things work really well on the raft of smaller, more intimate rivers that we have in the UK, and especially all over the south west.

So we need to get some shots of knotless tapered leaders for the Trout Fisherman article - hardly the most exciting subject matter in the world, but if I don't get the proper range of shots to illustrate Nick's words then I am not doing the job that I am being paid for. Above is an attempt to make a packet of leaders look slightly more "alive" than just having them sitting on a rock. Granted, it is not going to set the world of fly fishing alight, but at least it's a little different.

You won't get very far on a Monday morning without your regular dose of extreme metal - that's what I need to start the working week off properly !! The mighty, mysterious and hugely talented Ukranian black metal band Drudkh have been on my radar for a few years now after I stumbled upon their outrageously hypnotic "Blood in Our Wells" album (get it here if you have not got it already, it is awesome). Some albums are really easy to get into straight away, but with a Drudkh release you need to give it time to open up and get in your skull. The same can be said of their new release that is called "Microcosmos" - you need to take yourself away somewhere quiet and whack it on loud. Sit back, close your eyes, and let this stuff flow over you again and again. This new album is immense, but I only really "got it" if that makes sense after multiple listens. Drudkh don't do websites, interviews or photos, so they could all be Ukranian woodland trolls for all I know, but their record label has put some tracks up here. One of the essential metal releases of the year so far..........