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Predator power

I went out last week to photograph some fly and lure fishing for pike with Nick Hart, Danny Parkins and Lewis Hendrie, and once again it hit home to me how I should really be getting back into some freshwater fishing myself. I used to do it years ago, but talking with Nick and Danny about some of the fishing they have had recently for species such as pike, perch, chub etc. really fires me up. Whatever the case with me and my own fishing, it was just a blast to get out with these guys on a canal near to Tiverton.

It's often the case that the conditions that I would like for my photography are in fact pretty useless for the actual fishing, and our day last week was a very good example of this. A big blue sky and a bright sun on the water is for most fishing the kiss of death, and the guys did well to get a few smallish pike out. But I could not believe how many fish we could see milling around, and Danny has had some big 20lb plus pike from this canal on surface lures. Bet that is a serious blast. I love seeing fish swimming around, and we saw plenty of pike, perch (they look so cool in clear water, those stripes and red fins just jump out at you), roach etc.

The actual fishing aside, the main aim for Nick and I was to get some photos of the new Greys Carnivore fly rod and GX700 fly reel in action. Much as I am proud to be attached to the Hardy Greys company, I don't feel it is that biased of me to state that Greys continuously put out some seriously good fly gear - because they do. There are a few brands out there that really seem to have a good grip on making decent gear for the right money, and of course we are seeing that more and more in the saltwater lure market. Choice is a good thing.

I did see a few items in Nick's shop (right next to Exe Valley trout fishery, check here) that I am really interested to see if they might have some applications in "my" world. Do any of you for example use a trout-style landing net for your bass fishing ? I don't, but I should be looking into it for certain situations, and especially for when I am wading out to land fish that friends of mine have hooked. Some of these trout-style nets are just so lightweight that you would not even know you were carrying them, and plenty of them cost very little. We shall see.......more to come on that one.