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Proving yet again that long range weather forecasts are a pile of poo !!

I had to take a sleeping pill because I was so buzzed up on our arrival in Kerry - the long range weather forecast was looking pretty awesome, with a blow due on the Thursday and then rapidly calming down to potentially allow us to fish the spots that I know Seamus so badly wants us to experience. I had driven for over eight hours and covered around 500 miles but still I could not get to sleep with the excitement of arriving and the prospect of the weather behaving for us. Yeah right !! Thursday blew bad and then today blew a monster from the W/NW - and as much as there is a pretty cool place we could tuck away and fish, in truth the wind has blown the open coast out and it's going to take some time to clear up........are long range weather forecasts a mere guessing game ?

We had a few bass on Thursday - nothing big, although Nick Roberts was smashed up good and proper on a MegaBass X120 in his favourite HT Hama Shirasu colour. I came around the corner to find him a gibbering wreck with what had just happened. We saw bass cruising around but they were not massively switched on at all and today was tough. We sat down and spoke for a while and decided that with the sea conditions we had in north Kerry and the forecast for the next few days that we should drive back to Dungarvan - which we have done and I am bashing out this blog post before we head out for a bit of night lure fishing in Dungarvan Bay.

Talk about a drive down though !! On the way we were getting constant reports from local bass nuts Ger and Eric. It started off with the report of a Ger and an 8lb bass, and then Eric with one around the same size. I then called Ger back later on to be told that he had to go because Eric was into a tidy fish - which we later found out went over 10lbs, and Ger had another one at 9.75lbs, plus they had a load others around the 4/5lb mark as well. That is some fishing and obviously excitement and anticipation levels amongst us visitors are now at complete fever pitch !! Will it be the right decision to have run for cover from the weather and come back down to the Copper Coast ? Time will tell, but I can't tell you how badly I want to get back to north Kerry and fish with Seamus when the weather is behaving and we can fish his big fish spots. Best go and tie on a new leader and sort some lures out.