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Quit moaning about there being less bass to catch and do something about it

As much as I try my best to put a positive slant on bass fishing, it’s hardly a secret that there seem to be less of them around for anglers to catch, and like most of you I worry greatly about the future. Now there may well be a multitude of different reasons for there being less bass around, but little drives me madder in fishing than anglers simply moaning away, looking to blame anybody and everything, lashing out and sometimes being deeply unpleasant about it all, and then along with this, not actually doing a single bloody thing to at least try and make a difference - whilst still complaining away about it all. Obviously It’s like going to a restaurant and having a rubbish meal or experience, not complaining about it, and then going back to the same place and wondering why it’s no better. We are excellent at moaning and blaming here in the UK and to a certain extent Ireland, but how about we stop being so sodding apathetic about it all and do something simple like send a few emails.

Next week I will get some information up about some exciting potential to do with sport fishing for bass in the Isle of Man, but for the moment I am going to copy and paste an email I got from BASS yesterday in the hope that the majority of you here might do what they are asking us to do to try and make things better. The new Save our Sea Bass website has some excellent and very easy to follow guidelines on what the likes of you and I should be doing (check here) - how bloody hard it is to send a few emails? Please, please follow through with this and let’s try to do something to try and save one of the most exciting fish that swims in our cold waters. My thanks to BASS for continuing to fight for bass, and here’s that email :

"Time to act - We are now in the run-up to the December Fishing Opportunities Council of Ministers meeting and the EU Commission will, in the next few weeks, finalise it's bass proposals for this meeting. This will more or less set out the best that can be achieved for 2016 if all the member states agree. So now is an absolutely crucial time for us to be lobbying for measures to protect and restore bass stocks.

The most effective way you can help is by emailing the decision makers with your thoughts. We know that this works and we need to keep doing it. With this in mind a small (SOSB) team within BASS has developed the Save Our Sea Bass website to make the process as easy and effective as possible. This is continually being updated and much work has recently gone into checking email addresses and setting out the key points in a concise way. In one email you can send your thoughts to multiple recipients. You can personalise your message and/or use some/all of the material provided on the SOSB website. So even if you've sent an email previously can you please do so again because the email address list has been improved (and maintaining pressure requires emailing at regular intervals).

So please send an email now and help consolidate the gains we've made this year and make further progress on restoring bass stocks. Please also forward this newsletter to all your angling contacts (and anyone else you think may be interested) asking them to do the same.

The SOSB team have developed an excellent poster to draw people's attention to the website and thereby encourage even more people to send emails. Printed copies of the poster should start to appear in tackle shops soon.

The SOSB website is helping us to forge links and spread the message accross Europe and so encourage many anglers from other Countries to lobby their own Governments to act to protect and restore bass stocks."

And here's my work in the new issue of Sea Angler magazine which I believe is in the shops now. I am rather pleased with how they have used that big double page photo of mine of my friend Mark fishing here in south east Cornwall.