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Ranting today does not feel right.........

....when I keep thinking about those atrocities that happened over in the wonderful country of Norway a week ago. The thought that so many young people especially have lost their lives because of some twisted and sick individual with whatever mad and grandiose plans he might have had for some deluded way of life. Perhaps I should be ranting about the need for the death penalty when it comes to killers like Anders Behring Breivik, but then perhaps taking his life would be too easy a way out for him ? What I do hope is that this killer never breathes free air again and that the legal process never gives him any ability to air his twisted views. Lock him up and throw away the key. Norway is a fantastic country that all anglers should try and visit at least once, and today I would rather think about those 76 people who just over one week ago were going about their daily lives and now no longer are. It simply isn't right.........

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