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Really pleased with a bunch of magazine features

It can be a bit of a strange one doing freelance work for magazines, because you tend to do your stuff, send it in, and then almost forget about it until the articles are published (unless you don't get paid that is !!) A bunch of different magazines have been coming through my door recently, and I am really, really pleased with how the various articles have been looking. I love seeing how different magazines choose different photos and also how they lay out the pages.

Fliegen Fischen is an outstanding fly fishing magazine from Germany, and I am really pleased to have a big feature in there on my Bolivia golden dorado trip from last year. OK, so I don't understand a word of German, but it all looks good to me. Above is a screen grab from their website. Really interesting to be getting more and more photos published with the Nikon camera gear that I invested in heavily last year (see here) - it just seems that the Nikon system as a whole really suits me and my work in fishing.

I do a fair bit of work for a magazine called Chasing Silver that hails from Finland, and this publication just rocks my world - the kind of quality really makes you look at yourself to do all you can to keep improving. The new issue is just out and there is a big feature in there from that incredibly wild and out there trip to Mongolia I went on last year. It's always a buzz when you see your stuff being published in different publications - freelance work is what it is. You don't get paid unless you get material published. Nice and logical, a little bit scary at times, but I know no other way and I love being my own boss.

Alt om Fiske is a very cool fishing magazine from Norway, and there is a big piece in there on my Mongolia trip - they have really gone to town with the article and I am over the moon at their choice of photos. Quite aside from seeing my work published like this, it's great to see fishing magazines from different countries. I have also had some nice articles in magazines such as Trout Fisherman and The Field recently. I still reckon that a few people watch the (endless) repeats of the various TV shows I have done and most likely think that all I do is make the off fishing TV programmes from time to time, when in fact the bulk of my work has always been freelancing for any number of fishing magazines. Much as I like the process of actually making the shows, they end up being a somewhat distorted reflection of what I actually spend most of my time doing - but it suits me just fine to do what I do and remain under the radar with a lot of it.

So what does one of the finest drummers in metal do when he is not pounding the skins ? He gets himself on the cover of Alt om Fiske !! Very good to see Cato Bekkevold from the unbelievably awesome Norwegian metal band Enslaved on the front cover of the magazine - he writes and photographs a lot about fishing. Cato has recently laid down the drum tracks to the new Enslaved album which is going to be another massive release, just like their last one in fact, the mighty "Vertebrae" (see here). How they go and top that one I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out.........

I also got a copy of the new issue of Sea Angler magazine through the post today, and there is a feature of mine right at the back, all about the issue of confidence in fishing. I love what they have done with the opening DPS photo of the bass being held in the water across the page - the quality of modern digital images just takes my breath away at times, and I reckon Sea Angler has got some very good people writing and photographing for them.

Anybody into metal will I am sure remember the time when Fear Factory's massive album "Demanufacture" first came blasting out of your speakers - if there has ever been a better slab of "cyber-thrash" (not bad eh ?) then I am not aware of it. The Fear Factory albums since then have been very up and down, almost as if they were unable to top "Demanufacture" (kind of like Metallica and their "Master of Puppets") - some were good, some were interesting to say the least. So when I heard they were getting back together and releasing a new album, I was hardly waiting with baited breath. But their brand new album "Mechanize" is an absolute monster of a thrash metal CD. Like with any album that really gets to you, I wonder if I should be listening to it so much, but it is immense - easily their best music since "Demanufacture". So cool when an awesome band gives themselves a kick and stirs it all up again. Just an incredible album. Check out some Fear Factory tracks here.

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