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Really pleased with my Italy bluefin tuna feature in the new issue of Sea Angler

It’s some of the most accessible and cost effective “serious” saltwater lure fishing that I have ever come across, and I am rather pleased that my Italy based bluefin tuna article has just been published in the latest issue of Sea Angler. I have also found out that there is a UK based company who is acting as an agent for booking this awesome lure fishing - check here. Do all you can to get yourself down to Italy and tangle with one of these creatures. I know I bang on about tightening down our drags for our fishing, but those bluefin tuna are going to pull serious strong whatever you try and do to them!

Here’s a peek at the rest of rest of my work in Sea Angler magazine this month, including a feature on how you can rather easily add rattles to soft plastic lures such as the senko, which in turn means you can then make your own X-Layer type lure. I wish it wasn’t the case, but the latest X-Layers I used last year had the most awful quality rattles in them. They broke far too easily and I happen to think that the rattle is a big part of that particular soft plastic’s appeal. Read the article and you will see how easy it is to make your own version.