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Rod building

With the strong winds and driving rain we had yesterday (where oh where is the sun ?), I went to shoot a really interesting feature for Sea Angler magazine - but actually indoors this time, about a Plymouth angler who works full time as a custom rod builder. The quality of work this guy produces is just incredible, in fact he can take old rods and make them look better than they were when they were new. It felt particularly satisfying to be shooting indoors as the rain smashed into the windows.......

And talking about Sea Angler magazine, I just got the new issue through the post this morning and there is a really nice rough weather bassing feature of mine in there (look at page 20 onwards) - I remember the particular day well, in fact Graham Hill and I both nearly got washed in trying to catch fish and get the photos. It does get the heart pumping though...............but we all know that there is a fine line between playing it safe and pushing it too far. See some more bass fishing photos here and here.

I have just been sent some really interesting new bass lures to have a look at, and whilst this is hardly the time of year to be throwing lures about, they do look great. I really want to see how they work, so as soon as I have more info I will put it up here. It amazes me just how many anglers are picking up the bassing bug.

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