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Roll on the next few months - can’t believe how much night lure fishing is changing my approach………

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of summer and those long daylight hours we get, and even if summer isn’t always quite summer if you get my drift - and with how it’s looking outside at the moment, those “don’t worry, we often get a great September” thoughts ain’t exactly happening! The main problem as I see it with summer is the lack of properly dark hours…………..


A few years back and I could never have imagined I’d be saying this - I love the long days and how much outside time it gives us, but the fishing side of me can’t help but look forward now to the shorter nights and the increased opportunities to go out bass fishing with lures when most regular people are inside. With how a few local spots were fishing towards the back end of last year, and with how I hope they might fish again as we head on into autumn, those long dark nights are looking so appealing with how you get far more options because it’s dark for so much longer.

I reckon we were getting around four hours of proper darkness a few months back, which of course restricts what you can do as regards night lure fishing. It’s all very well having a location say that fishes best around HW on a spring tide, but around here on spring tides, HW tends to be very roughly around 6am and 6pm times - and for many months of the year you just aren’t getting those prime times in the dark. But we will be soon. OK, so I know you’ve most likely got plenty of options, but I’m sure you get my drift.

And I find myself now scanning weather forecasts on the lookout for settled, calm conditions that I far prefer for night fishing. It looks like there’s been some good bass fishing around for a lot of anglers all over the place recently, and I wonder how this might translate to how the rest of this year fishes? The last three months of the year are always my favourite times around here for bass fishing, but I find myself approaching things that little bit differently each year, and I wonder how I might look back at the end of January and reflect on how night lure fishing has potentially shaken my fishing up even more…………...