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Irish Bass Festival 2016, done and dusted, who needs sleep anyway?

I take my hat off to the people who work within fishing and make the effort to run these festivals, and it was great to be back out in Ireland when the Irish Bass Festival was on. I love meeting different anglers and hearing about their fishing, and it seems that over the weekend there were a stack of bass caught if you found the pockets of fish and managed to stay on them. We had a great night on Friday for example, or rather from about 11pm Friday night through to about 5am on Saturday morning - no great size to the fish, but the more bass I catch on these white senkos at night, the more I enjoy it. That hit is so electric when you can’t see what is going on. So we’re thinking about cleaning up the next night with even better conditions and tides, yet we only saw a couple of fish whereas not far from us some other lads caught a bunch. Fishing eh?


Come the deadline for registering bass on Sunday afternoon and there were some pretty knackered anglers hanging around Absolute Fishing in Tramore. Reports were of a mix of fish coming day and night, but we have been getting most of our fish in darkness so far on this trip. I know a visiting angler who had the most awesome few sessions before the bass festival started - ok, so the guy knows how to fish which kinda helps, but he had 50 bass in three sessions, biggest around 8lbs, average size about 4lbs, and that to me is some world class sport fishing. He then bled during the actual festival itself! Fishing eh?  

Rather than me waffle on here with a nice case of lack of sleep, check the Absolute Fishing page on Facebook for full details of the festival and the winners. Great prizes, fantastic event, well done to the organisers and big thanks for having us visiting lot over again. I think the winning fish was around 74cms - one lad caught a 76cm and a 77cm bass at night but dropped his phone in the water that had the photos on and couldn’t find it! Another fantastic festival, hope to see a bunch more of you next year.