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Scierra C&R wading jacket review - around £170

When I first thought about putting this review up of a waterproof wading jacket during our summer it felt a bit daft, but with the weather we have been having recently I reckon it’s actually become perfect timing! I wasn’t sure that I would get a lot of use from this Scierra C&R wading jacket until the autumn, but over the last few months it’s come out of my rucksack on far too many occasions if you ask me, and whilst that might well be perfect for giving it a proper testing, ideally I’d like not to have to wear it thank you very much ye weather gods…….

As with when I first started wearing lightweight chest waders and wading boots, it was the same with a “proper” wading jacket from the fly fishing world - because I was doing some work with Svendsen Sports at the time, it was therefore Scierra gear that I turned to initially, and I have to say that I don’t remember any of their wading jackets that I used giving me any undue grief. I bet you all use any number of different waterproof tops from various markets, but I do happen to think that the slightly shorter and usually nice and easy to fish in wading jackets from the fly fishing world tend to work well for the way that many of us here go about our lure fishing.

OK, so it’s not as if around £170 is small change to spend on a waterproof jacket, but when I compare it to the price on say some of the Simms wading jackets, this Scierra C&R one getting towards good value for money I feel, and especially with how it’s working out for me. Yes, it’s going great guns so far and I haven’t come across anything that I actively dislike about it - initially I went for the XL size as that’s what I take with nearly everything, but it was a little tight across the shoulders for casting all the time especially. I asked if a mate could give it a thrashing and I then got an XXL and it’s the perfect fit for my lure fishing (he would usually take an L size and this XL one fits him perfectly if that helps). Nice and comfortable, very easy to wear, enough room to wear a few more clothes underneath when it gets cold, and it doesn’t catch me anywhere when I wind a cast up and let it fly.

Is it just me, or does this colour go well with my new, uber-good looking new car? Sorry!

Is it just me, or does this colour go well with my new, uber-good looking new car? Sorry!

I would expect a jacket like this to be properly waterproof, and so far there are no issues whatsoever, and that includes a fair amount of fishing in some perfectly horrible weather. Sure, as per every single waterproof jacket I have ever used for fishing, a little bit of water will eventually find its way in down the sleeves in heavy rain especially, and at the start I was a little worried that this jacket’s cuff design might lend itself to letting in that bit more. But I was wrong, indeed I reckon this C&R jacket is one of the better ones when it comes to minimal amounts of water trickling in via the sleeves. Same with the hood and face area - driving rain in your face and a bit has to get in via me peering out from underneath the well designed hood, but as with the sleeves it’s a minimal amount. As much as wearing a baseball cap annoys me because of the peak getting in the way with cameras, I have gone back to wearing one in the rain and I do reckon it’s worth it with helping the hoods on jackets work that bit better with you.

There are various pockets on the jacket which I must admit I haven’t really used, but the zipper up and down the front seems to be of decent quality, and it can’t rust via saltwater because it’s made from some sort of plastic/rubber or whatever? I went through a phase a few years back of trying out various walking/climbing jackets for my (saltwater) fishing, and the metal zippers all failed eventually, or at least got so stiff I would routinely curse the sodding jacket as I tried in vain to do it up or get out of it! Not a problem with this one. I like this Scierra C&R wading jacket as an outer shell that is not too heavy yet plenty warm enough for many situations, but then very easy to layer up underneath if needs be.

What more can I say? The jacket works well, I think the price is fair when compared to other fly fishing gear out there, but of course many anglers are perfectly justified in thinking that it’s far too much money to spend on a waterproof jacket for fishing. It matters not at the end of the day though, because the jacket exists, I am sure Scierra are selling a bunch of them, and I happen to think that it works well for how many of here go about our fishing. If anything untoward suddenly happens with this Scierra C&R wading jacket that I or a couple of mates are now using, I will of course report back, but after plenty of use now I think it’s a really good wading jacket that I wish I wasn’t having to use so much this “summer”.

And how about finishing up the Australia tour at 3-0 tomorrow morning in the rugby? I keep having to pinch myself that really are in the position to complete a clean sweep against the second place team from last year’s World Cup, but I am feeling that good about English rugby again that I see no reason why the boys won’t produce another monster performance down under……...