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Sea Angler wrassing on plastics sneak preview

In February I went over to the Isles of Scilly to fish for and photograph wrasse fishing on plastics and it went so well that I reckon it's going to become at least an annual jaunt from now on. I love the place and the numbers of big wrasse over there that want to chow plastics is insane. Now a lot of what I photograph as regards saltwater fishing in the UK and Ireland is destined to be used with the various features that I write for Sea Angler magazine, so I'm rather pleased to be able to show you a sneak preview at my first big wrassing on plastics feature that is coming out in the new issue on 12th April. There is potentially so much to this style of fishing that I have done a kind of "mini-series" for Sea Angler, and this is the first of them.

Anybody who follows either this blog or my articles in Sea Angler will I hope have picked up on the fact that this whole lure fishing thing is a kind of "voyage of discovery" for me. There are anglers out there who know more than I'll ever know about lure fishing, but a part of my job is to write about it and I just love doing that. My philosophy has always been that at its base level fishing is actually a pretty easy thing to do, and I am always hoping that my writing and indeed photography reflects this. What I am never trying to do is write for experts because experts tend to know it all anyway and of course experts don't read fishing magazines !! I am always hungry to learn more about fishing and I try to write with that in mind.

I give huge credit to the Powers That Be at Sea Angler Towers for publishing these kinds of articles by me. Look at it this way. Wrasse have been a species of fish that we fish for with bait for ever and ever. It's the way it is - or was. Then somebody like me comes along and says to the Sea Angler Powers That Be that this bait-only species of fish is actually rather inclined to hammer soft plastic lures in a big way. I'll always give big time credit to the Jersey lads who developed the fact that wrasse were actually another lure species all along, but it's then up to writers/photographers like me to go to a magazine like Sea Angler and try to translate what is going on in "modern lure fishing". Now as awesome as many of us think this wrassing on plastics is, make no mistake that it is not a "big thing" yet. I believe it's going that way, but it's hardly comparable with bass fishing on lures for example as regards numbers of anglers. So along comes me to Sea Angler magazine to tell them that they really should think about publishing some articles from me on wrasse fishing with soft plastic lures. The Powers That Be either dismiss me with a rejection email or they do what they do very well and trust me that I have my finger on the pulse and that as a sea fishing magazine they need to inform their readers that this is going on - via my words and photos. Imagine the Powers That Be getting an email from one of their freelancers saying that the Texas rig is where it's at !! A freshwater bass fishing rig in a saltwater magazine ? (next in the series). In a situation like this I am prepared to take a gamble and head over to the Isles of Scilly and fish/photograph with my mate Del and see if I can get enough material for these articles. If I do I get paid and if I don't I take a hit. I also have some wrasse photos that I shot with the Jersey lads last summer. Look for the new issue of Sea Angler from Aril 12th..........

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