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Second Irish bass film on Tight Lines tonight, Sky Sports 3, 6pm

I had an email out here in Ireland to tell me that the second short film that we made a few weeks back for the Tight Lines lot is going to be shown tonight from 6pm on Sky Sports 3 - check here for full details. I haven't seen it and I won't get to see it until I get back from Ireland, but I do know that we had some good fishing in a fairly unique environment and I am looking forward to seeing how it comes out on camera.....................

We had a good session on the bass yesterday morning on surface lures - I'll fish whatever way it takes to catch these fantastic fish, but I still reckon that when fish come up and smash topwater lures it's about as exciting as our sport can get. I love it, but not only did we have a few bass on the IMA Salt Skimmer (I make no apologies because this lure keeps on smashing bass for me and I trust it completely), but the bay we were fishing on the Copper Coast was absolutely loaded with mackerel and also sandeels - which both impaled themselves on the lures. How on earth does a sandeel think it's going to kill a Skimmer ? I had a little school of them following a sub-surface lure at one point and I couldn't help but just stand on the rock and giggle.

Anyway, I'll get back to the blog properly next week as it's early mornings and long days/evenings/nights out here. I was actually meant to be flying to Siberia next Thursday evening to go and photograph some taimen fishing, but I got an email two days ago to say that the trip has been cancelled until next year because the river is in bad shape. Frustrating of course, but on the other hand I get to spend some time at home with my family and not head off almost straightaway................which is just fine by me.