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Secret squirrel lure fishing............

I went out plugging for a few hours on Wednesday evening, and within five casts I was thumped hard really close in - Andy landed this bass you can see above, and I caught five or six small pollack. Nothing major, but good fun to get out. In all honesty I was expecting there to be a bit more life to the sea, but I guess the wind had properly gone round north west and the conditions were fairly flat. There seemed to be a few fish moving around though, as Andy was hit hard a couple of other times, but for some reason the bass were not majorly switched on. Still, it's always cool to see one landed.

The bass took a Tackle House K10, a shallow swimming hard lure that I have never even seen before - I tell you, there is some secret squirrel stuff going on here !! There's me fishing away, and Andy goes for a quiet lure change and pops up with this one - knowing full well that I was going to ask him what on earth it was, and that he was going to be really pleased to have scored a lure that I knew nothing about. Advantage Andy, time to call these guys here and order one. Not that us anglers are mere children at heart or anything like that.....

Andy has got himself one of those excellent Snowbee waterproof rucksacks that are just the right size for going bass fishing, and he is over the moon with it - check out the bag in the photo below. If I wasn't always carrying some kind of camera gear then I would use this bag all the time, indeed the ability to store your gear in something that is completely waterproof is such a bonus. See the bag at this link here.

I have created a special category over on the Fishing Pictures page of this website - called "Recent Trips", I have put a couple of photo galleries up of my recent France and Iceland trips, so make sure to have a look at them when you get a moment. I came away from both trips really plased with the material I got, but please give me your thoughts if you can. Check out the France gallery here, and the Iceland one here - or simply go to the Fishing Pictures page (hint, the link is at the top of this page).

If you are a lifelong metal fan, then you will no doubt own various albums by the legendary, sadly missed, but forever mighty Bathory - if the "still as awesome as it always was" Blood Fire Death album is not in your collection then you need to go shopping immediately. And add Hammerheart in there as well. Every metal freak should own these two albums. RIP Bathory and Quorthon. The track "Blood Fire Death" has to be in my top ten songs of all time. There is a band out there who is heavily influenced by these guys, and you should check out their latest CD - the band is called "Morrigan", and the album is called "The Damned". Listen to them here, and specifically the track called Teutates Warcult - if this doesn't bring about tears of emotion and a serious banging of the head then you need to see somebody. It's awesome stuff, and I love stumbling upon these obscure metal bands. You can pick up the album really cheap right here - I use these guys all the time and they are excellent.