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Seems like lots of new gear coming soon........

I drove up to the Tackle & Guns tradeshow at Stoneleigh Park yesterday, principally for a few meetings, but also to take a look around at lots of new gear - and I also really like the chance to see lots of people I know that work within the fishing industry. As a whole, fishing is a really friendly and welcoming industry, and it's great to catch up with lots of different people that you might only see once or twice a year. We all might do different things to each other, but in general people like us are working in this trade because we are fishing junkies.

I did not get as much time as I would have liked to wander around, but there looked to be a lot of bass fishing and related tackle around. The Mr. Fish guys had a load of stuff that is far too nice and shiny for weak-willed individuals like me, and Julian from AnyFish Anywhere was showing his new range of lure rods on the stand - some seriously nice looking gear, and the 8' 2 piece really jumped out at me as one serious bass rod. The ProLures direct guys had a lot of stuff on show, including some really good looking Molix lures (calm down Henry) and what felt like a few really top of the range rods. I know the Snowbee guys well, and it was great to see some of their new bass fishing gear at the show - I would like to get their new lure rods out fishing as they felt lovely in the hand. I hear that Daiwa UK will be bringing in a load of the Daiwa France bass fishing gear into the UK early in 2011, plus some other interesting bits and pieces. Oh for more time yesterday, but I had a 31/2 hour journey back home to Cornwall (yippee !!) - the sunset driving down the M5 was just outrageous, I so wish I had been out somewhere on the coastline with cameras in hand, rather than bombing down the motorway. Even if I did have the simply breathaking new Enslaved album blasting out..........

I am not a very good fly fisherman, but even I could tell how off the scale the new Hardy Sintrix saltwater fly rods were. I love the Hardy name, it's got so much history, and with these new fly rods they are right back at the top of the tree when it comes to fishing technology. The new saltwater reels looked pretty impressive as well. I had a really interesting chat with a tarpon freak called Andy Mill, the guy in the US who has had a huge hand in designing these new Hardy saltwater fly rods and reels. What a nice guy, and does he know his tarpon fishing on the fly or what !! Andy has got a new book out on exactly this subject (check here), and I am going to try and track a copy down to review it for Adventure Fishing. Looks set to be THE tarpon fishing bible for many years to come......

Check out the fish on the cover of the new issue of Fishing Wild - this magazine is up there as one of the world's finest fishing publications, and if you want to read about awesome stuff, it's seriously worth tracking down. See here for details. I do as bit of work for them and there is a feature of mine in this new issue. The fish on the front cover is a black bass from Papua New Guinea I believe - shot taken by Col Roberts the editor, and he has told me categorically that these insane fish are without doubt one of the world's hardest fighting species there is. They pull serious string apparently, and they like smashing anglers up - a lot !! Can't wait to see my copy.

One thing that really made one of my days last week was the fact that Col Roberts has been following my blog (take it from me, he is what I call a "proper" fishing photographer), because he sent me an email about my barbless hooks post from the other day. And he has kindly given me permission to reproduce his words here :

Loved your blog on crushing trebles.

In my part of the world and places I travel it is essential to crush barbs. There are no doctors around - unless one wants to travel for a number of days and I refuse to do so. No way! Grin and bear it is the catch cry. Anglers that don't crush their barbs will need to subject themselves to me pulling the barbs out, irrespective of how bad they have been pinned themselves and irrespective of my methods! I can be rough. They soon learn!



That just about says it all to me !! I am really proud to be able to say that there is a big feature by Col Roberts on some really wild and out there barramundi fishing in the new issue of Adventure Fishing magazine. Should be in shops about now.

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