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Seriously made up on a Monday

Are online magazines the way of the future ? Personally I believe that there is plenty of room for both paper and online magazines, and I don't subscribe to the fact that the internet is the automatic death of all things printed. A book, magazine or newspaper in the hand is a feeling that will never go away, but increasingly there is more and more quality fishing content to be found online. I have to admit to being hugely proud at waking up over the weekend to find a big fishing article of mine in one of the major online magazines over in the US, called "The Contemporary Sportsman". Check out the new issue of the mag here, and my feature starts from page 100. I have been following this publication for a while, and to me it just smacks of proper quality.......

I did the same as I always tend to do in my line of work : "Dear Sir/Madam, this is what I do and would you be interested in publishing some of my work" kind of stuff. There is no magical route to making a living in fishing that I am aware of, and if you are into the idea then you must learn to take a certain amount of rejection along the way. But when an editor says yes and then really goes for it with your material, I can't tell you how good it feels. Sure, I have to make a living out of this, but still the biggest kick I get in my job is getting to see photos that I have shot actually being published. Plus the words/stories of course, but I find fishing such a strongly visual thing.

There are various online based fishing magazines springing up, but some are very obviously a cut above the rest when it comes to the overall look or even "feel" if you can use that word with a non-paper publication. I have liked The Contemporary Sportsman from the moment I first saw it, and I was really interested to see what they might do with my first article for them, from my St. Brandon's trip that I did just before Xmas.

It really floats my boat that with such a good looking online magazine as this that they potentially more able to give material room to breathe. I was blown away when I first saw my feature in there, and especially with the space they have given to the photos. I never know what a magazine is going to pick from a selection of photos that I submit, but it's somewhat uncanny here how the people at The Contemporary Sportsman have majored on a lot of the photographs that I hoped they would......

If you get some time this week, take a while to "flick" through this publication and lose yourself in a whole different world. There is some very good writing and even art in there, plus I am so pleased to see plenty of work in there from one of my favourite fishing photographers, the US steelhead junkie Jeff Bright. This guy has got some proper talent, and I really get a sense of how much he loves his fishing through the photos he shoots. We might do the fishing we do, but surely an important part of life in general is the interest and desire to see and learn about other stuff ? And perhaps then start the dreaming process that might one day lead to a whole raft of new experiences........