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Settling in to the new house.....

  • We did the move last Thursday, and that first evening it was just my wife and I in the new house after the removals guys had left at around 6pm. Our girls were up on Dartmoor with a relation for a few days while we moved. Nearly everything was boxed up, so my wife and I did the honourable thing and got a take away from Torpoint and ate it at the one table we had set up. You look around and can't quite believe the new place is actually and legally yours - well ok, yours and the bank's.

  • I am actually writing this blog post from the library in Torpoint, due to the fact that the internet is not yet up and running at the new house. But I can live with that to be where we are living now. It's just awesome. Moving house is not an easy thing to do at the best of times, I don't need to tell you that, but as a family we have moved to a place that we believe ticks every single box for us.

    One of the biggest thrills of this new place is the fact that we can head out of our backdoor and go walking with our sheepdog Jess - all without needing to get in a car. The first thing I do most mornings when I am at home is to go for a decent walk, so you can imagine how much it means to have so much walking around where we are living now. This morning for example, I went out at about 7am and saw nobody. Peace and quiet, and a great time for thinking about stuff.

    I get my PCs custom built by SPC Computers in Plymouth, and Darren kindly came around on Friday to help me put my office back together in the new place. I can not tell you how much it helps to be able to speak to real people with regards to computers. Help desks don't do it for me. The plan is to knock an old woodshed down outside and get an office built in its place, but for the moment I am in the house and it's working great.

    But the out and out and biggest thrill for me is seeing my two girls running around the garden. We had a bunch of mates over for a barbie on Sunday, and there were a load of kids just messing around in the garden and having a blast. That does it for me. Life's a pretty simple thing in my opinion, and the simplest things mean the most. Family is where it's at, and I feel that we are starting to grow into the new place if that makes sense. I look around all the time and can't believe we are actually living here. Just going for a picnic tea and a swim on the beach yesterday afternoon (ok, my wife, Jess and the girls did, not me, far too cold !!) was about as easy as going to the local parks where we used to live in Plymouth. Not that going to the beach from there was ever much of a mission. If work goes well today then we might well all head back to the beach for the girls' tea later on this afternoon.

    As for the fishing, I am a bit out of touch with what is going on locally. Ben Field told me that the Opening Day for his new fishing tackle shop "The Art of Fishing" in St. Merryn went really well on Saturday. I speak a lot to my mate Cian of Absolute Fishing over in southern Ireland, and recent reports are of some simply outstanding bass fishing. The kind that is so good that I would have jumped on a plane straight over there if we had not been moving house. I am heading over after my photo trip to Tanzania next week, so there's loads to look forward to on that front. I hope you all had a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend. I can't see a cloud in the sky outside of my office or the local library.........

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