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Shimano Yasei Red Dropshot 9' 7-28g (£49.99) lure rod review

And yes, you read that right. Me, a lure fishing tackle tart like you would believe reviewing a lure fishing rod that retails at a penny under £50. And yes, I can't pretend that I was hugely hopeful when I headed out to give this Shimano Yasei Red Dropshot 9' 7-28g lure rod a thorough going over, but I don't mind admitting that my eyes have been somewhat opened to what is increasingly becoming possible in the very important sub-£100 price bracket on rods and reels.

First off, I know next to nothing about dropshotting, and as a result I know next to nothing about what makes a decent dropshotting rod (although I can't help but feel that dropshotting must surely have some applications for both bass and wrasse fishing) - hence I was not actually looking at this Yasei Red Dropshot rod as a rod to go dropshotting with. Nope, my interest was in fact aroused by having a waggle with the rod and thinking that it could in fact be a rather interesting rod to go bass fishing with on the "regular" hard and soft lures sides of things.

Anyway, let's not beat around the bush here. This rod has an RRP of £49.99, and it's a lure fishing rod at a length and casting weight that I like to fish with (9' long, rated 7-28g, and there is an 8' model as well which I have not seen), but for the princely sum of £49.99 you are of course not getting Fuji guides or a Fuji reelseat. I have to say though that the rod looks perfectly well built to me and I rather like how the reelseat allows the palm of my hand especially to sit on the rod. But how's the build going to last ? I haven't got a clue, but I refer you to the £49.99 RRP. What on earth could there be to complain about at this price when you've got a good looking rod that feels both fairly light and pretty responsive in the hand ? "Budget" rods these days are a different animal to years ago and I would expect this rod to last very well.

But what's the rod like for casting and retrieving the different lures we might use for bass fishing ? I would guess that an out and out dropshot rod is going to have a fairly light and somewhat sensitive tip (and I might well be way off the mark here, please accept that), so yes, this Shimano Yasei Red rod does have a tip on it, but I reckon the tip works great for banging hard lures out or working surface lures etc. It's not an out and out scaffold pole of a rod, indeed I categorically don't want to fish with those sorts of lure rods anyway, but I do want enough backbone in the butt section especially and a decent fishing tip that works with my lures into all manner of conditions and also transmits sufficient feedback to.

But can a rod at this price possibly do such good stuff ? Look, you can choose to believe me here or simply dismiss my ramblings, but for the sum of £49.99 you are getting a really good rod. I like this thing. Nope, it does not particularly like being pushed too hard at its 28g top end, but drop down a notch and you can whack and work all manner of hard and soft lures. The rod also does a pretty decent job at working surface lures at range, and with soft plastics it's great - how on earth this much is put into a lure rod that costs half a hundred quid I have no idea, but if you are on the lookout for a "proper" lure rod that isn't going to break the bank then you seriously need to check this Shimano Yasei Red Dropshot 9' 7-28g out................

You might want to know this - I have recently started doing some work with Shimano UK, so you can of course choose to take my words in whatever way you want. If you want to believe that Shimano UK have got so much money that they are paying me to say nice things about their gear then that's just fine and I can't do anything to dissuade you, and quite frankly I have little interest in trying to justify how I make my living anyway. Before you dismiss me out of hand though, ask yourself why I would fairly recently buy two Graphiteleader lure fishing rods when I am doing some work with Shimano and can therefore get to use their gear for nothing (and note the word "use" - I don't own the Shimano gear I can now get to play with). I have had nothing whatsoever to do with designing or even influencing any Shimano fishing tackle (although I hope to one day), but via my beginning to do some work with them I can of course get easier access to bits and pieces of gear that I want to have a look at. And I am really enjoying stumbling across little gems like this budget rod here.

As with all fishing tackle reviews on this blog, I can only do them because various individuals and companies are kind enough to get me access to the stuff and let me use and abuse it for my own fishing. If you must know, I am in the process of trying to get to grips with the monster that is Shimano's catalogue, in that within the many pages are bits and pieces of fishing tackle which I am sure must be more than applicable to this "modern lure fishing" thing..................like this rod for starters, but I need to go and find the items. More to come, on that front you can be sure.