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Short notice place available for Morocco bass fishing

It's short notice, but one of the lads on this Morocco bass fishing trip has just had to pull out for various reasons, and this means that there is one place available if any of you would like to come along. We leave this Sunday, 1st December, and return to the UK on Saturday 7th December - as I said, it's short notice, but I am thinking that somewhere out there is an angler who can drop what they are doing and come along for what is potentially some very serious bass fishing..............

Have a read of this blog post here and then if you reckon you can make it, email me here and we can get things sorted out. The lad who has had to drop out has bought his flights, so you can either buy them off him and he will pay for the name change, or you can get them sorted yourself - I am here all week and I will pass on the details of the Gatwick flights the rest of us are booked on. The price for the trip is 750 Euros excluding your flights, and this includes the lot - we are getting a very good deal on this.

The guys we are fishing with down in Morocco have landed bass to just over 25lbs this year (11.5kg), and yes, you read that right !! I don't want to give any realistic expectations for this trip, but it does seem that there are good numbers of double figure bass taken from the somewhat warmer shoreline than ours is at the moment. I am told that the average temperatures are around 22C at the moment and taking into account what I had to wear yesterday morning to keep warm, I'll take that thank you very much.

Anyway, I imagine that most of you simply can't do a short notice trip like this, but if one of you fancies a crack at this and get away for the week, please get in touch and we will get it sorted. No extra kit required outside of what we would use for our bass fishing, just that their fish can get somewhat larger.

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