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Sitting on a rock, thinking about life - my “anti-selfie” if you like

Maybe I’m too old and maybe I am missing the point with the whole social media thing, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s the whole selfie thing. Hell, the word itself sends a shiver down my spine. I love how social media makes the world of fishing so accessible, and of course I love to see shots of anglers with their fish or anglers fishing, but is it just me here with the selfie thing? I have absolutely zero interest in seeing endless, crap mobile phone photos of people looking into a phone and posting them online. And I am damn sure that nobody has any interest in photos of me looking into a mobile phone. Nope, I don’t get the whole selfie thing……..

So here’s my “anti-selfie” if you like. My family and I have spent the most incredible week out here in the breathtakingly beautiful Isles of Scilly - perfect weather, perfect place, just can’t think of a better place to come with my girls. We absolutely love it out here. Storm has run and run and run all around St. Mary’s, St. Martin’s, Tresco and Bryher. I could try to get down with da kidz and post heaps of pointless selfies of me doing nothing more interesting than looking into a mobile phone in some strange desire to show the world my face, but instead I thought  would show you a couple of deep and meaningful photos of me at the northern end of Tresco - I went on a dog walk around the island while my girls had a look around the gardens.

Sitting on a rock, thinking about life, feeling absolutely no desire at all to peer into a mobile phone. Deep. Have a good weekend and may this summer weather continue for a few more months. OK, so I know it’s hardly epic bass fishing conditions, but wow does a bit of sun and warmth do wonders for the soul. Selfie weather?