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Slash Lamya Thief LMT-862L lure rod review (4-28g, 8'6'', £179)

It is with a strange sense of satisfaction that I know if I'd picked this lure rod up say three years ago and gone fishing with it, I would have said thanks but no thanks. I'd have said no way, it's not man enough and it's got a bit of a tip on it. But I look at where I was and where I am now. I think about how my own fishing has changed and (hopefully) developed. I open up the lure boxes I take bass fishing these days and I can't help but smile at how I am so often fishing when compared to years gone by, and as such I cannot tell you how much I think that this Slash Lamya Thief LMT-862L lure rod (4-28g, 8'6'') is a hugely impressive lure fishing rod.

If you are looking for a lure rod to chuck mainly the heavier spectrum of lures such as the Xorus Patchinko, the MegaBass DOT Crawler and various lures closer to that 28g top end of this rod, then I would advise you against having a look at this particular Lamya Thief (maybe the 9' 10-35g version, and definitely something like that white Shimano Stradic 8'1'' 10-35g rod - see here). Sure, this Lamya Thief can cope with the heavier stuff if you ask it to, but it just doesn't feel like the rod is working as it's meant to if you use those kinds of "heavy" lures. I reckon this rod really comes to life when you treat it as say a 4-24g rod, and then it's a peach of a rod.

This rod seems to be very well built, with a handle I really like and it's even rung with Fuji K-guides. I like the length and with the more closer-quarters soft plastics fishing I find myself doing, I find myself increasingly drawn to lure rods that come to life at say sub-24g if that makes sense. As I said earlier, a few years back I'd have walked away from this thing...........

Don't for one second though think that this is an out and out plastics rod. I fished plenty with my go-to surface lure, the IMA Salt Skimmer (14g), and on this rod the thing just explodes out there. At range I can do all that I want to the lure. Sure, a slightly stiffer tip might help with larger surface lures at range or bumping paddletails along in the current, but as I am finding more and more these days, firstly I don't often fish with much bigger surface lures than say 20g, and secondly I really like a tip like this on my lure rod because of how much good stuff it gives me for the other ways I might lure fish.

This 8'6'' Lamya Thief puts your more regular hard lures out there with such ease. It's a hell of an easy rod to wind up, with what I think is a fast action and plenty of that "steeliness" that I like so much. Remember tough that a fishing rod can have a fast action but not have to be a scaffold pole, because this rod is all about feel if you ask me, and without feel I feel dead in the water. I paired the rod with spinning reels the size of a Shimano Sustain 2500FG/Vanquish C3000 (yes, I know, not remotely comparable in price) when I fished with it, and the two of them to me go together as comfortably as a mullet so often swims straight past your bait. Rod and reel sit in your hand and just feel supremely balanced.

I am increasingly confused about what kind of rod is meant to be used for what (simple - use what works for you), but I do know what I like, and as much as this 8'6'' Lamya Thief LMT does me the slightly lighter surface and sub-surface lures almost perfectly if you ask me, I can't help but smile that little bit more when I clip on say a 6'' senko rigged weightless or perhaps a Fish Arrow 5'' Flash J rigged on a belly-weighted weedless hook. This is when the rod really, really comes to life if you ask me, and at the sub-£200 mark it's a steal for what it is.

Monday Morning Metal Madness - I am a bloke and I often think in Top Tens. What would be my Top Ten films of all time ? What would be my Top Ten rugby players ? And of course, one of the most important categories - what would be my Top Ten death metal albums of all time ? Well I would have to think about placing the ridiculously mighty, peerless and in my opinion essentially flawless album that is "Clandestine" by Entombed as my number one. It was released when I was still at school and it's as awesome today as it was back then - one of those albums that to me is just timeless, and I can listen to it over and over again and still find something new in there. The perfect death metal album if you ask me, and here's a track off it. "I'm going to bleed like sinners bleed..................aaaaarrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!"

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