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So cool to be back in Jersey

It's been too long since I was last out here, and I am so pleased to be back. Jersey is completely magical, and the fact that the sun came out and the wind died off made it even better. We went out bassing for a few hours around the awesome south east corner as the tide turned, but no photograph can really do this extraordinary place proper justice. Really I need to be above this area in a helicopter to show what goes on when the tide goes out - the amount of ground that is uncovered is just staggering, and of course it is ideal bass country.

Here's Mick from Mr.Fish banging out a plug on one of these red rods. I got to use the Tenryu Rod Bar 270 yesterday afternoon and it is stunning - both for boat and shore fishing. Everybody I meet around here seems to have these red rods, and they are all raving about them as much as I do. Check here for where you can get them.

We had a few bass yesterday, including this stunner that I managed to nail very close to one of the millions of rocks that poke their heads out around here. Honestly, as a boat owner you seriously need to know what you are doing on this south east corner - it is some of the scariest but most productive ground to fish. Mistakes around here would prove somewhat damaging to your boat's hull.

The successful lure for me yesterday was the one and only Tackle House Feed Shallow in the white/siver colour - this thing continues to be seriously bad news for the bass. I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon transfixed by this lure as it wiggled seductively through the water. Yes, I am obsessed !! To get back on the boats and chuck lures into this kind of ground is some of the finest fishing you are ever going to find, and I am over the moon to be back doing it.

We were fishing from this fantastic RIB that is owned by Mike Tait from Jersey tourism. He also happens to be a fishing junkie like the rest of us, and this morning he is heading over to the coast of France for a holiday with his family - on the RIB of course. How cool is that ? I hope the weather stays good for you.

Every single bass angler should put Jersey on their "to come and fish" places - and then get yourself down to the south east on the high and then the low tide. I guarantee your jaw will hit the floor !! Mine does every single time. I am staying at this fantastic hotel that actually overlooks this lunar landscape, the Shakespeare, and they are well known for being a really good place for fishermen to stay.

This morning we are actually heading off the Minquiers, a vast reef system that I have wanted to see for years now, and I am finally getting the chance now. Four of us are heading down in two RIBs, and we are spending the night down there to take advantage of the tides. The Minquiers are uninhabited, but there are a few private houses down there where the owners can simply get away from it all. To say I am excited would be a serious understatement !! Apparently when the tide is out down there, the reef system is larger than mainland Jersey - that is a huge area to fish around, so I had better get on and pack my gear up. The guys I am with love it down there. We should be back sometime tomorrow, so I will post here again when I can.

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