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So how different is the world this morning ?

I have never been into politics at all, but even I have to admit that the events that unfolded on TV last night kept me glued to the screen, from the moment that Gordon Brown walked out of the no.10 and said he was resigning, all the way through to David Cameron's first speech as our new Prime Minister. I have always believed that change is a good thing, and watching the way it suddenly all happened yesterday evening has to give one a bit of a lift.......

You can't help but admire the way that us Brits do these kinds of things - the current man (Brown) comes out, says he is off to see the Queen to resign, then he hotfoots it off to the palace with his wife. I am guessing that as this is going on, the domestic staff within no.10 are working as fast as possible to move all traces of the Brown family from the premises. No mucking about, no gradual switch over that takes weeks or months. No bloody coup that starts and ends with violence. Much as Brown's terrible fake smile has always made me want to be ill, it was a dignified exit from a post that no normal person could ever possibly covet. Power corrupts absolute - just think about the recent expenses scandals. Personally I would have sacked the lot of them - it is nothing more than stealing in my book, and that is one thing I simply can't abide.

So Brown trundles off to see the Queen - I could not get this image out of my head of Prince Philip somewhere in the background throwing a complete fit because his steak dinner was being interrupted by such piffling matters as a change of Prime Minister. "Will you pipe down in there, my dinner's getting cold and I can't hear Eastenders/Corrie/Neighbours (all complete drivel if you ask me) or whatever".............Brown resigns and no doubt goes off for a decent holiday with his family. I never liked the way that Brown was never voted in as Prime Minister, it always felt entirely dodgy to me, but on the flip side you have to feel for the families of these people.

And before you know it, David Cameron is standing before the Queen and officially becomes our new Prime Minister, via the forming of a full coalition government - something I can't pretend I am close to fully understanding yet. I would guess that while this going on, no. 10's domestic staff are now moving all the Cameron family's belongings into their new centre of power. Kind of a weird thought, but why not do things quickly ? In and out, off with his head (the good old days), let the new guys try and sort out the mess. As I said, I have never found the messy business of politics to be of that much interest. But this is big change. Whatever party you support or vote for, I firmly believe that thirteen years in power is too long. Change is good. Not for one second though do I envy the new lot and the mountain they have got to climb over the next few years........

Anyway, the world feels the same to me this morning (apart from the weather - there was frost on my car first thing, what is going on, it's May !!). You go to bed after such a momentous evening half-expecting to wake up and see that everything has suddenly changed overnight. Not very likely I know, but last night was history in the making. If the new guys could find a way to look after our seas, our countryside and our planet then that would be just perfect.

But right now you can take yourself away from politics and instead check out this new trailer from the Gin Clear Media lot who are making such a strong name for themselves with awesome fly fishing films. This new trailer for "The Source :New Zealand" takes your breath away, it's that stunning and inspiring - check it out here. If this does not make you want to go and see more of our awesome world then nothing will. I can't wait to see the full film when it comes out in August. Every single person who I know has fished and travelled in New Zealand has come back raving about the place - I am torn between dying to go and trying to avoid going because I have this feeling that I will love it so much I will find it impossible to come home.......