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So sad......

Fishing by its very nature can at times be a potentially dangerous sport. Sea fishing especially is all about spending time around a hugely unpredictable entity - the ocean. I am sure that all of us have at one time or another had a real scare from the sea and I would hope that we have all learnt from those experiences. But you can never take away the unpredictability of the sea, that is the nature of what it is.......

It was so sad to read about an angler being washed in while fishing the Bristol Channel last week, around Weston-super-Mare. Alan Wright was only 26 and is still listed as missing by the police, and I first heard about this tragedy on a forum that I post on from time to time, click here to see the original thread. It is an absolutely heartbreaking thing to happen and I am sure that all anglers' thoughts are with the family during this horrendous time. I can not possibly imagine what they are going through. It is far too young to go.

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