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So what can you do ?

OK, so there's a part of me that wants to scream and shout at the unjustness of our Florida trip going so badly wrong on the fishing front. Why did the weather give us such a kicking ? Why did the conditions and therefore the fishing decide to behave so badly just when we jumped on a plane and headed off across the Atlantic ? Maybe I might feel better if I vented my frustration upon some poor tree in my garden, but in reality and from plenty of experience of travelling all around the world I know that this has to happen - it's happened before and it will happen again, and it's called fishing..............

Every single time I head away from home for my work I am taking a gamble, and to be honest it's always been like that and no doubt it will continue to be so. As anglers we are all the same in that we are of course subject to weather conditions and fish behaviour. Sure, we all want to try and bend nature to our own will sometimes, but if my advancing years have given me anything it's the ability to take the odd blip in my stride and put it down to what it is - plain bad luck.

I feel for the guys on the trip who had of course built up so much expectation for nailing tarpon on the fly. James had a tarpon turn on his fly on the last day but the fish went and missed the fly on the inhale, and we are talking about some substantial creatures here. From my point of view it's just a trip that went wrong with the weather/fishing and I have to essentially write it off and keep on going. Various odds are of course stacked in my favour that this kind of "bust" trip does not happen very often, but it's in the nature of what I do and there ain't a damn thing I can do.

I do know what it's like to get so excited about a fishing trip and then have the weather so cruelly dash your hopes. Nowhere on earth is going to fish well all the time and I am always conscious say that somebody reads say an article of mine in Sea Angler or on this blog and heads over to Ireland only to be confronted by garbage conditions. All those hopes, all those dreams, all so dependent on the weather. From personal experience I know not to expect any fishing to fire all the time, but wow we copped it in Florida !!

But then I weigh up a difficult trip like this with spending a week or so away in a country that I am really fascinated with, together with a bunch of guys that I am lucky enough to call my friends. Bass Pro and various Under Armour/Columbia shops of course has nothing to do with anything ? Landing at Heathrow and then a few hours later seeing my front door fly open and my girls run out to fling their arms around me is just about the best feeling on earth and to be honest any residual disappointment with the trip tends to evaporate with getting back home. Now to do a bit of damage on the local bass population..............