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So what on earth was so different between Friday and Sunday?

I managed to nip out for a couple of hours on Friday afternoon - ok, so the very small neap tide was hardly what I'd have preferred, but the conditions were fantastic. A proper bounce on the sea, great colour, an overcast sky, very little weed in the water, and it just smelt of bass. Now it was hardly an epic session, but I did manage to catch a well conditioned bass that might have touched 6lbs - I caught it on that long-casting Duel Lipless Minnow 120, indeed I had to have something very shallow on to keep me above some rocks that are usually covered up more with a larger tide.

Saturday was a no-go for various reasons, but my mates Mark and Andy were up for a go over the HW yesterday - we decided on the same mark mainly because we fancied it to have enough clarity after Saturday's strong S/SW winds, and of course there was a good chance of seeing some fish around. The tide was hardly epic, but it was a little larger than Friday, and although there was now a slightly milky tinge to the water, it was by no means too mucked up for lure fishing - confidence was pretty high............

But not a bloody sniff. You've got three anglers which at least means a load of different methods are being tried all over the mark - and there's a fair bit of ground to cover there - yet we raised not even a hint of a bass. Conditions were lively but for most of the time we were there the sun was shining high and bright. We were on the same state of tide as I had been fishing only a couple of days previously, I preferred the slightly larger tide, the sea if anything was even bouncier, and still there was little if any weed about. But no fish.

Frustrating yes, but at the same time another reminder that we are never going to come close to knowing it all, and yet again I reiterate my staying well away from "experts". You're looking forward to going fishing again even before you've finished fishing the last session, and it seems that the weather and conditions are in your favour - but we all know that in fishing you simply never get two days the same. Similar but with a few differences is how I could best describe the two days, yet because we are anglers and we can't help but be eternal optimists, we hope that those slight differences might mean a whack load more fish - instead of the the opposite which is exactly what we got!!

Now is the time though, or at least that is what I feel - with that winter we had and with how up and down it's been this year, I can't help but feel a sense of optimism about this period down here up until at least Xmas and possibly beyond if we don't get either a serious cold snap or else the sudden brutality of last winter. Get it right and I reckon there's a chance of some good bass fishing down here in Cornwall, but of course we are subject to a number of external factors which we the anglers must taken on board, compute through our brains, and then come up with solutions that we hope will put us onto a few fish. I can accept blanks because I am perfectly comfortable with where I am at both on the learning curve and also with respects to outwitting nature, but just sometimes you can't help but scratch your head and wonder why on earth at least something didn't jump on at least one of our lures..............