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So where are we now ?

I dropped in for a cup of coffee with a whole bunch of lads from The Lure Forum who had got together on Sunday for a day's lure fishing around here in south east Cornwall. As impressive as the numbers of anglers turning out for this do was, what really struck me as I drove home was the simple fact that I could not help wondering how the majority of these anglers were fishing say five or six years ago ? Just like me I am sure that many of them had yet to really switch on to the whole lure fishing thing in a big way, and I have to say that it continues to amaze and please me at how this style of fishing seems to have so struck a chord in the UK and Ireland.

Why though ? Why are a number of anglers becoming so involved in scaling their gear right down and learning more or all about lure fishing ? I reckon if you asked a selection of anglers then you would end up with any number of different reasons, but I bet you that a common thread would be just that - because lure fishing is a bit different. Has this explosion in interest in lure fishing come at just about the right time to appeal to a number of anglers who were perhaps getting a little tired of staring at a couple of rod tips on a tripod ? Awesome fishing of course, but there is no getting away from how "involving" lure fishing is if you get into it, and to me that is such a big reason for getting into it.

But how difficult is it to get into lure fishing if you are interested in doing so ? I can distinctly remember the first Nantes bass fishing show in France that I went to for example, and partly because I got myself a bit tied in knots over all the different rods and what they might be used for. I confused myself with wanting to learn so much so quickly. OK, so I am at stage where my knowledge levels have greatly increased (or at least I hope so !!), and a part of me hopes that going lure fishing is actually a pretty easy thing to start doing. There is a whole world of it to get into if you want to, but in essence you can get a rod and a reel and a few lures and be on your way. No need for strange rigs or collecting all manner of different baits. No need to learn any power casting techniques, no call for heavy gear to drag fish out of rocky lairs. It really struck home to me when Nick Hart said to me how closely related he believed this whole weightless soft plastic fishing was to fly fishing when we were in Ireland the other day. Take away the fly casting element and I can see exactly what he was getting at. I don't give a stuff how anybody chooses to fish, but there is no denying how the "feel" approaches of fly and lure fishing lend a certain purity or "being incredibly involved" to your fishing. But you make your choices and all the better for it if you ask me. Wouldn't life be boring if we all did the same things all the time ?