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Some further thoughts on this new Gliss mainline

My apologies that it’s taken so long to get back to you after my blog post on this new Gliss mainline back in February (check here), but to be honest I simply forgot - as in I gave the line a proper go and fairly quickly came to the conclusion that it was not for me, but then I forgot to report back here. I really, really wanted this line to work out well for me. Braid has never been an issue and it’s not as if I am looking for a replacement, but a new line that purports to be doing so much good stuff for less money has to be worth investing a bit of time and hope in does it not?

I found that for me, Gliss was casting like a dream. Not a hint of a wind knot, it seems to really cut through the wind, and it just feels like it’s coming off the reel like a decent mainline should. No worries on that front, and it also seems to be the case that although Gliss does seem to be rather knot specific, I didn’t find any issues when using the FG/GT leader knot (check here). I have zero interest in using a leader knot that doesn’t give me the best connection strength that I can get, and if a line doesn’t work with this knot then I am not interested in it. No problems with Gliss on that front.

So what’s the problem with Gliss? Well as per always, please take what I say here as merely my opinions and my findings. It interests me that with a brand new mainline that purports to do so much, I am not seeing very much shouting about it online, and I can’t help but wonder why. I fished with the line a fair few times and loved how it was fishing as such, but when I was showing it to a couple of mates at the end of a session and saying how good it seemed to be, I went to show them how strong it was and the line broke far, far too easily just in front of the leader knot. The line looked too roughed up for only a few hours of fishing, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt because I had been lure fishing over some very shallow, rough ground. 8kg Gliss by the way.

So I gave the line a few more outings, but after fishing for a while, it would always start to look really rough towards the leader knot and would then break too easily in my hands. This is not remotely scientific of course, but what else can I do but go fishing with products and then see how they work for me? Gliss seems just fine when you tie it to a leader at home, but then I take it out fishing and it looks really “battered” for want of a better word after fishing with it, and in my mind this is severely weakening the line to the point that I am simply not confident enough to carry on using it.

Does it matter? Not really. I said earlier that I am not exactly looking for a line to replace braid, and with the launching of a new line like Gliss, I must assume that it was properly tested in all kinds of fishing situations. Am I the only angler to have tried it out and found it to be lacking? If this is the case then either I am doing something drastically wrong with the way I fish, or else I am one unlucky sod. I can think of any number of different things I might do - shorter leaders, longer leaders, no leaders, try stronger Gliss, use different knots, try rods with different rings etc., but what’s the point? As I said, braid does me just great. At the end of the day I gave this new line a go and I found it wanting for how I fish. Have any of you had any experience with this new Gliss line, and if so, what are your thoughts?

Above are some snapshots of my work in the new edition of Sea Angler magazine, and I am really pleased to get that casting shot of Cian from Absolute Fishing on the front cover. I took this photo on the Copper Coast, and from memory Cian was using one of the Graphiteleader lure rods when I took this photograph - crumbs a rod can bend during a cast!!