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Some more Belle Ile photos, plus lure bag and red rods

OK, so we didn't land any big bass when we were over on Belle Ile last week, but we nailed a fair few half-tidy fish on a couple of mornings - Graham especially !! I came to the party more on the second morning. I love it when the dorsal fin on a bass stands proud and menacing. Obviously all these fish went back safely. Talking about returning fish in fact, Del told me yesterday that some of the blue sharks they have tagged and released over the last few years in the Isles of Scilly have turned up recently in places like the Azores and the US - anybody who doubts the vailidity of releasing fish unharmed needs their head examined. Granted, not every single fish is going to survive, but surely it is better that we all do our bit for the future of fishing ?

Bruno is one of the most talented and forward thinking bass anglers that I have ever had the pleasure to fish with or work around - you might notice that in the photo above he is using a brand new red Tenryu rod, and also that he is wearing a different kind of lure bag. Lots of anglers are always on the lookout for various bags and holdalls to carry their lures around in when they go fishing, and the specialist sling-style bag you can see above is designed and made by Ultimate Fishing. It sits/wears very comfortably like you see above, and then you can simply drag it around to your side or front when you want to change lures. If I did not carry cameras with me all the time, then this would be a bag I would use a lot of the time, and it is not very expensive. All the Ultimate guys we fished with were using them, either in black or red. I believe that Mick has some in stock here. It might not be on their website, so give them a shout. If it works for the French guys, it will work for us guys over here.

You thought I had forgotten to talk more about the new Tenryu rod he was using ? It's called an "Injection", and it is just over 7' long and rated to fish with lures from 8-28g I believe - a very specialist bit of kit that works perfectly with soft plastics and small vertical jigs from both boat and shore. The Injection is like a rapier - very stiff but very "feeling", incredibly light, fast and ultra-responsive, indeed it was all I could do NOT to get the card out and purchase one when I was over on Belle Ile. Bruno talked me through the reasons why a rod like this exists, and I have to say that the ease wich which he was fishing with very light soft plastics, and the action he was imparting on them was staggering. Graham's eyes nearly popped out of his head when Bruno started working one particular lure.This kind of rod might well be very specialist, but I can see plenty of anglers thinking about plenty of situations where a rapier like this might be useful. As with all the red Tenryu rods I know about, you get exactly what you pay for. The Injection will be in stock here sometime soon I am told - these guys are as weak willed as me !! A 2500 or 3000 size spinning (fixed spool) reel matches up perfectly with this rod.

Talking about the Super Mix 240, I have put a few more thoughts up about it right here on the Fishing Tackle page of this new website. The more I use this particular rod, the more I am falling for it in a big way. What an awesome bit of kit - I sneaked out at 4am this morning and nailed a small bass on my first chuck, plus got hit really hard on a MegaBass XLayer that was rigged exactly as you will find here.

Did I mention that Graham and I got a bit of rain when we were over on Belle Ile ?!!! Check out the colour of the approaching clouds in the photo above - there is no digital trickery to what you see. I simply exposed for Graham and the light in the foreground, turned my Singh-Ray circular polariser to the max to take the glare off the sea, and saturate the colours a bit more, and then handheld a Cokin grey graduated filter in front of my wideangle lens to help retain the depth of colour and contrast in those moody clouds. Five minutes later and it was monsooning it down !! When you get a combination of strong sunlight and impending skies it can look awesome, and the red rod jumps out as well - I like this from a fishing point of view, because the eye of angler is naturally drawn to it in the photo.