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Some new bits and pieces on the site

Whilst I have cut the number and size of photo galleries right down from my last website, I will try to keep adding different bits of content as time goes on. I note with interest how I am increasingly asked about taking photos of fishing, and although I have no training at all in photography, I suppose that I have been shooting fishing for long enough to build up a bit of knowledge - or at least I hope so!! I am passionate about trying to make fishing look awesome, hence this new website of course, and I can but hope that a bit of fishing photography based content might prove of interest to some of you.

One of the best places I have ever been to for shooting fishing photos was Mongolia. Every single thing about it seemed to be perfect for my needs - location, light, type of fishing, remoteness etc. Check here and above, and I hope that this might give a bit of insight into how somebody like me comes away from a place like that with the images I did. By no means do I mean to brag about what I shot, rather it’s a case of me loving writing about fishing and photography and of course the two combined, and if it helps a few people to perhaps make their own fishing look that bit better via the photos they shoot of it, then so much the better. I have had such a cool idea for a somewhat different fishing and photography based book bouncing around my brain for some years now, and if I can’t get it published one day it might break me……

I remember when I first really started getting into photography, and of course I gravitated towards the bigger, more powerful lenses because they looked pretty impressive - but over time I almost regressed to loving the smaller (and lighter), wide-angle lenses the most. Tie me down and give me but one lens to shoot fishing with and I’ll go for something in the 16-35mm range, together with some decent light of course. Here and above are a few thoughts on shooting fishing wide.

And of course I had to put up a Recent Trip photo gallery from my latest jaunt down to the Indian Ocean - check here and of course above. I still don’t really believe that somebody like me gets to jump in a plane and shoot photos in such a special place as Astove atoll and can call it work, but somehow it is, and I never take something this awesome remotely for granted. I can’t afford to go there fishing, but I consider seeing (and photographing) some of the best saltwater fishing that exists a serious privilege.

Did any of you get out and catch any fish this weekend on lures and in saltwater? In between some serious gardening and taking my barbecuing to another level (holy cow it’s frigging awesome, more to come), I managed to nip out to a particular wrasse mark that I have never blanked on. Came pretty close this time though, but I managed to nab a couple of small wrasse on those killer Z-Man Punch CrawZ soft plastics - I am convinced that the fact they float when fished on a Texas rig and thus all those flappy bits on the lure must look so enticing is a reason for them being so good. I can’t remember seeing the water around here as clear as I saw it on Saturday afternoon, and yes, a part of me was imagining a big GT suddenly charging in and nailing my wrasse gear!! Those remote Indian Ocean atolls get to you in a big way.