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Some of the best ground I have ever seen around here.........

There is a stretch of coastline in Cornwall that I have been meaning to fish and explore for a while now, but it's amazing how time conspires to keep one from doing more of this kind of stuff. I have always liked fishing "new" areas to me, and with a perfect forecast and a bit of time to spare I met up with Andy and we made our way to the stretch of coastline that had been beckoning for so long. If I had to describe what I see as the perfect conditions for bass fishing then what we found yesterday afternoon was about as good as you can get. Lift, life, excellent water clarity, very little broken up weed, and acres of simply awesome looking lure fishing ground to explore.

Two grown men essentially running down to a fishing spot because it looks so good, but exploring and trying to work out a "new" area of course is going to take some time to fathom out the best tides and conditions. We had decided on fishing a few hours of the back tide from dead on high water and then seeing what happened. Andy decided to move faster than me through the ground, and it was not long before I lost sight of him around a headland.

On go the usual array of hard lures, but aside from what I was pretty sure was a bump, nothing. But as much as I was not catching, the variety of ground in front of us was what was really exciting me, indeed it had almost everything I could ask for - shallow, reefy terrain, visible ledges, plenty of deep looking holes and gullies, lots of rocks sticking out that were helping create all amount of good looking white water, sand patches, bays, you name it, the place looked good. And I could not resist putting on a little Texas-rigged plastic and seeing if there were any wrasse around............

First chuck, a wrasse of about 3lbs literally jumps on the end, and then on the next two casts I had two more slightly smaller ones. Huge fun, and I am without doubt enjoying this form of lure fishing more and more - and yes, this "new" mark was exciting me as much for the bass fishing potential as it was for the wrasse. Three wrasse in three chucks, a bunch more bites after that, and then a couple of small pollack on the drop. Lots of shallow, rough as hell ground that I imagine might do rather well on the early flood for some decent wrasse. Believe me, it's taken a lot of self-discipline to remain working at my desk this Bank Holiday Monday and not head back out there fishing...............!!

I have liked the IMA Sasuke lures ever since I first laid eyes on the Sasuke 140 a few years ago at the Game Fair, and they have done really well for me ever since. I don't know exactly why, but I felt that it was worth fishing with a slightly smaller lure yesterday when trying for a bass, and I clipped on the little IMA Sasuke 105 that you can see above. Hit it right and they fly through the wind, and I guess that bass just like the action these things make. I distinctly remember fishing into one big gully yesterday late afternoon and almost promising to myself that if I did not at least hook a bass out of it then I was going to give up fishing and take up sowing. Honestly, it looked that good. Second cast through and a fish jumps on the lure, and although it was a bass of perhaps a couple of pounds only, I have to admit to being rather made up.

Andy eventually made his way back to me, and although he had caught a stack of small pollack, he had not seen any sniff of a bass. But why ? We had taken a decision to fish this place first off on the back tide, but perhaps it's a spot that works better on the push for the bass ? It also looks promising for fishing soft plastics at night. Plenty more to work out, but very, very much a place that I think is going to be worth persevering with in a big way. I can't for the life of me think of any better looking terrain for lure fishing that I have come across in my neck of the woods so far. Oh, and if Andy tells you that I twice shipped a load of water over the top of my waders yesterday then don't believe him. I'm far too sensible these days to think I can almost float like a bumble bee across a deep gully without my wading boots even touching the bottom. Come on, I'm a grown man with a wife, two children and a mortgage. I don't do my best to test how good my waders are from the inside out. Why do we do it ? Because we are anglers..............and because we unselfishly like to give our mates a good excuse to wet themselves laughing.