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Some of the best tides of the year for Kerry - short notice space available

You know fishing like I do - nothing is ever guaranteed, but if things come off, wow the bass fishing in Kerry in October can be some serious stuff. Last year John Quinlan and I planned these October 2015 dates to coincide with a set of springs that I know John looks forward to all year, and we have a short notice space available due to a last minute cancellation. The more I learn about John’s part of Ireland down in the wilds of Kerry, the more I appreciate just how many viable options there are to keep on fishing almost whatever the weather decides to do. It’s going to feel mighty special to be working in Kerry in October, right in the middle of some of the prime bass fishing tides of the year.

If you can drop what you are doing and come on over to one seriously special part of the world, then please get in touch with me via these contact details here, and I will advise on dates, prices and the various getting there options. Below are a bunch of photos from the August trip that John and I did together this summer. I can’t wait to get back there and see if the bass fishing gods are shining down upon us!! Please don’t worry if you haven’t got heaps of the latest shiny fishing tackle - we have rods, reels, lures, lines etc., and all you really need are waders, wading boots and a waterproof jacket. See if you can break the record for a client saying that he fancies a little bit of an extra morning sleep on only the second day of a trip - mentioning no names Paul!!!!

Roll on the England v Wales game tomorrow evening. What a start to the Rugby World Cup, but I am nervous about this game. I feel for Wales with their raft of injuries (okay, only a little bit), but they have plenty of strength in depth and they are going to come so hard at us. As for dropping George Ford and also bringing in Sam Burgess as a starting centre? Either it’s the biggest mistake Stuart Lancaster has made in his reign as England coach, or else it turns out to be an inspired gamble. Let’s see what happens………..