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Somebody up there must surely hate us anglers

Is that seven weeks of easterly or north easterly winds now ? Unless you have been living under a great big rock for the last couple of months or so, it cannot have escaped your attention how the wind has almost resolutely remained from a direction that is not only frigging freezing, but also one that is just about as bad as you can get for fishing around so many coastlines in the UK and indeed Ireland. Yes, I must presume that what is awful for one angler is most likely a near-nirvana for another angler somewhere else in the country, but whatever the case you have to wonder what the hell is going on.....................

I would guess that there are a lot of saltwater anglers out there suffering from a serious case of cabin fever by now, but what on earth can we do about it other than start praying to the weather gods and doing a rain dance or three - because at least if it pissed it down there would be a better than average chance that the wind had swung around to the south west. So if you see me standing atop the cliffs at Whitsand covered in oil and wearing little more than a g-string and chanting to the skies, then nope, I am not trying to re-enact a scene from the awesome film that is Roadhouse - I am trying for a change in the weather.

It was usually the case around here that when the huss fishing started to fire around March and April that we'd then get a fairly prolonged period of east winds that then killed it dead for a bit, but what we are going through at the moment is surely taking the proverbial. I'd even take a bit of north west at the moment and that is one wind that I absolutely despise - even if it does often give very good light for photography right at the end of the day. It's not even a particularly good Slayer album, but I can't get the phrase "God Hates Us All" out of my head at the moment.

Temperatures aside, can any of you remember such a prolonged period of east winds ? I certainly can't. OK, so it's not as if one could expect awesome lure fishing for bass around now, but given some half-tidy conditions you would certainly be starting to feel pretty confident about things kicking off, indeed a couple of years ago around now I was getting some quite frankly awesome reports of bass fishing along parts of the south coast in Ireland. If there is one positive side to this (clutching at straws I grant you), it can't help but remind us anglers that with all our gear and knowledge levels, nature is always going to do what it wants to do, and it's up to us to fit in with her rhythms. Magicians we are not.

I don't do any kind of religion in any way, shape or form, but as an angler you can't help but admire the natural world and how things carry on perfectly regardless of us mere human beings - albeit taking into account our collective best efforts to trash this glorious earth as if it's our own personal backyard. I am an angler and I am a positive person, and as much as the weather is starting to break me down piece by piece, I can't help but be upbeat and feel that the fish are waiting like us for the weather to change - and that when we get back to what one might call "normal", things will then slot back into place and we can get on with it. Until then ? Join me on the cliffs above Whitsand for some weather dancing, but dodgy clothing and glistening oil is entirely optional..............