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Sorry your honor, my lure sort of fell off my rod and into that particular gully………

I hadn’t actually stopped to think about it much before but it banged home yesterday and I now realise that I do do this as a matter of course - Mark and I fish together a lot, and some of the marks we know pretty well I suppose and we have fished on them a lot. I have obviously seen Mark hook and land a huge number of bass now and I tend to know the various sections or gullies or rocks or whatever on a particular mark that he most likes to fish, or at least make sure he puts his lure through while we are there - and I suppose it’s the same for me………..

And without having consciously decided to do this, I tend to leave these particular bits of the marks alone so that Mark can at least fish them first. We haven’t spoken about this because I had never really stopped to think about why or even if I was doing it, but I definitely am and I suppose at the end of the day I consider it to be good manners and/or simple, decent human behaviour to make sure that your mate can at least get their lure wet through the parts of a mark that they have done well on before and therefore will naturally most want to get back to. I do the same if a friend comes along to fish with me - I would always make sure they get a proper chance at fishing the specific parts of a mark that I would feel most confident fishing myself.

So yesterday morning we fished a short session locally on a mark that we both know well and if I stop to think about it we definitely have particular spots on this mark that we have done well on before. I went one way and Mark went the other when we got there, I suppose to make sure we at least put lures through the particular gullies or holes or whatever where we have caught bass in the past at certain states of the tide and would naturally want to cover before fishing other parts of the mark.

Now it wasn’t exactly epic bass fishing yesterday morning, but it’s early January after a blown-out December and both of us felt with the tides and conditions that there’s a good chance of seeing fish. Almost by default I suppose we most likely fished those bits of the marks we have good history on, and there is one particular gully that I know Mark really likes but he gave it a good go yesterday morning and nothing happened.

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And I sort of walked past this gully when Mark was off fishing a different bit of the mark and my Tackle House Feed Shallow sort of unclipped from my rod and fell into this particular gully about twenty yards out, and on about the third time that my lure by mistake swam through this gully a rather lovely but not very big January bass nailed it good and proper. Now I know Mark well and I know that it wouldn’t even enter his head to have been remotely bothered by this, and as I said, all of this me tending to leave sections of a mark alone at least until Mark has gone through them first isn’t remotely a “thing”, but as I said to the judge, my lure couldn’t help having a quick dip in that gully and that yes, I did feel a bit guilty!

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