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I've always really liked this photo, and while it might not be much more than a pretty "angler standing in good light overlooking a beautiful coastline" kind of shot, to me it makes a valid point - all of us would be more successful in our fishing is we thought more about where the fish might actually be. I could bang on about watercraft until the end of time, but in my mind it is about the single most important element to a lot of fishing.

My mate Del rang me from his home in the stunning Isles of Scilly last night, to tell me that he is seeing stacks of big mullet around. It always amazes me that so few sea anglers head over there to fish, because it can be awesome. Such a great place, so many marks to fish and usually a stack of fish to catch, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. I fully expect Del to land a mullet over 10lbs over there sometime fairly soon. What about this winter ?

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