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Start the new week off on a creative high

I can't think of a better way to start the week off than by giving yourself a proverbial creative jolt in the arm - check out the new issue of the continually outstanding online Catch magazine right here. It does not matter one bit what kind of fishing you are interested in, because Catch magazine is simply one of the most visually stimulating fishing publications out there - it's about fly fishing, but in reality it's just about fishing. Makes no difference to me what kind of fishing anybody is in to, because in the end we all just go fishing, and I just love to see any kind of fishing made to look as good as the guys at Catch make it look. Virtually flick through the pages and I can assure you that the world will feel just a whole lot better......

Here's a screen grab of the table of contents for this particular issue - click on the link here to open up the new issue of Catch magazine, let it load up for a few seconds, and then feast your eyes on it. I am still really proud of the fact that I had a big spread of my photos in their premier issue, and if you are so inclined, you can check my stuff out right here.You have got to give huge credit to the two main guys who put this thing together (Brian O'Keefe and Todd Moen), because they keep on finding some real talent out there in the fishing world. Just take a look at the stunning work by John Juracek in the current issue, where you can take a dreamy look at fly fishing in the breathtaking Yellowstone park in the American West. If his photos don't inspire you to want to head over their and see this place then you need your head examined !! Simply outstanding.

Look at something like Catch magazine and it makes one wonder more and more what can really be done with the whole fishing magazine world. I recognise that there is a big difference between the online and the printed world, and I also know that magazines need a mix of articles for their variety of readers. But I also firmly believe that there is still plenty of room for making all kinds of fishing look better and better. This comes back a bit to my last post about working in fishing. OK, so it's not as if the world of fishing can suddenly take thousands of "new" photographers and writers, but there is always room for talented people to make their mark. I can't stand seeing fishing done badly. Anybody with half an ounce of talent can make good looking fish, good light and awesome locations look fairly good, but the wheat tends to be sorted from the chaff when things get more tricky. The people who work consistently in the world of fishing are those who consistently deliver good results. Whatever you do in life, that's always the case is it not ?

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