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Starting to really come to life

Crumbs - this place is starting to fire. Nope, there aren't fish everywhere, and nope, you've still got to get out there and work hard, but without a doubt this part of Ireland seems to be really coming to life on the bass fishing front - and there's some serious fish around.........

Our first evening and about half a mile up from us and one of the local guys lands a 10.5lb bass, and another guy gets absolutely torn to pieces at the same spot. A rather nice guy from northern Ireland landed a bass of 83cms (12lb+?) a couple of days ago. Crumbs. A visiting angler walks into Absolute Fishing asking for some advice - Cian does what he always does and tries to help out as best he can. This visitor goes and lands a bass just over the 10lb mark thanks to Cian's local advice.

It's the same out here as anywhere else - when the fishing's tough, it's hard work, albeit it's Ireland and there is always that chance of a good fish. But when this place starts firing, I am still not aware of bass fishing like it, and I love coming here more than I ever did. We're having a blast, the weather is mostly in our favour, and reports keep coming in from all over the place of some good fishing.

We've caught bass all over the place, from both estuary and open coast. Almost as per usual we have caned a bunch of bass via bumping the 120mm/12g Fiiish Black Minnow down some delicious areas of current - how awesome is it hooking bass in a run of current? This 9' 10-30g Major Craft Truzer is doing me proud (review here), and I still can't trip it up on any methods I might use for bass. It rather loves to be bent very hard into hard scrapping bass using the current as much as they can.

There were a few bass around first thing this morning off the top, and yes, there are countless surface lures out there, but the four of us independently end up with IMA Salt Skimmers on the end. Nick smashed the most stunning conditioned fish of around 7lbs on one of these new APIA Foojin'R (sub-£200) lure rods he is starting to play around with. Not a bad start to another day in Ireland, and we got the most stunning drop of light as well. You never know what's going to happen with fishing, but there's some serious bass around here at the moment and it could well be an exciting few days ahead..........

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