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Starting to think about heading back to Norway and giving their fish a proper go on the (shore) lure gear

I love my bass fishing, but I also know that I can’t fish for the one species and nothing else. Some anglers can and I respect them for doing so, but personally I need a bit of variety to my own fishing whilst accepting of course that my obsession with bass fishing keeps on growing the more I learn about it. I may well be lucky enough to head off to some weird and wonderful places to go and photograph fishing, but for the most part the bulk of these places are way out of my price league when it comes to actually going on a fishing trip myself - but if you know where to go looking there is some class fishing out there that doesn’t need to break the bank.

Call me daft, but my idea of a dream fishing trip would be a few months in a camper van wandering up and down the west and south west coast of Ireland with a few lure rods chucked in the back. Off the beaten track and the chance to fish spots that simply ain’t fished - that would do me just fine. How about spending some serious time in a place like Cape Cod chasing striped bass? I could go on and on, believe me, but I have been to Norway a few times over the years and it’s a place I am itching to get back to. I can’t pretend that I have that much interest in deep water boat fishing for great big cod, but ever since my first trip to Norway when we smashed a heap of big coalfish on light gear, I have fancied getting myself back over there and seeing what might be possible on the shore based lure fishing front.

Check out this video above on bouncing plastics in current for cod over in Norway, and tell me that isn’t so like a lot of bass fishing that you or I might do. Big cod on pirks from the boat may not float my boat, but now give me the chance of catching them from the shore on lure gear and I am all ears. I love the sound of this, and from some correspondence with the guy who runs this operation here in Norway, there seems to be some serious potential for cod, coalfish and pollack fishing on lures especially, and I really fancy seeing some of that. I will never forget the power of the coalfish we caught in Norway when we were filming, and also when I went back there with a couple of fly fishing mates, and I reckon the chance of a few half-decent coalies from the shore on lure gear would be a blast. Bass may well be the “sexy” fish, but pound for pound they don’t hold a candle to coalfish.

What is it about cod though that gets so many UK anglers going? Is it because they are almost a kind of quintessentially English fish that most UK and Irish saltwater anglers will have targeted at some point in their fishing lives? Hell, I used to spend an unhealthy amount of time fishing for cod. Nobody could accuse them of being a great sporting fish, but then there’s something very special when a good conditioned cod breaking the surface, and I can’t quite explain why. So yes, the idea of smashing a few cod on soft plastics bumped along the bottom from the shore in a way that seems remarkably similar to bass fishing floats my boat. I am assuming that the Fiiish Black Minnow might kill. Nothing is remotely set in stone, but the wheels are in motion for a potential return to Norway - fishing aside, some of the best music in the world comes from that amazing country, as per the song above from the mighty Enslaved. Who could possibly need any more than fishing and metal?