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Stunning fish

I thought you might like to see this awesome fish - Pete McLeod of Aardvark McLeod with a pristine Atlantic salmon. Shooting with a wide lens in a stunning river location like this was just incredible, especially when you can see the fish stacked up in the water. Anybody with any interest in salmon fishing really should check out this clear river, sight fishing on the Gaspe peninsula. Talk to Pete about it, I know he is really excited about offering this unique fishing to his clients.

We had a hell of a travel day yesterday - flew from Gaspe to Montreal, via Quebec, then Montreal to Vancouver, right across Canada, and finally from Vancouver up to Smithers. We are now about to drive another 200 miles further north to check out some steelhead fishing in the true wilds of British Columbia. There is snow forecast, plus very recent reports are of some excellent fishing, with plenty of fish coming into the various river systems. Local advice is to keep an eye out for grizzly bears. I have been looking forward to photographing steelhead fishing in the wilds of BC for many years now, so it is somewhat hard to contain my excitement !! Sleep is not really an option.

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