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Sufix 832 8-strand braid review - under £20 for a 120m spool here in the UK (is there another 8-strand braid that's better suited to the rough and tumble of lure fishing?)

I make no apologies for reviewing the extraordinary Sufix 832 braid for a second time, indeed I thought a second review nearly four years after I did the first one might be of interest to those of you here who don’t like paying through the nose for your mainlines (and I include me here), and to those of you who do a lot of lure fishing in and around rough ground where as much abrasion resistance and overall toughness as you can get from your mainline can only be a good thing.

Yes, I have a serious thing for Sufix fishing lines - as per here - and via various Skype calls and emails back and forth with my Mr. Sufix contact I feel that I am now gaining a better technical understanding of their lines. And yes, it does make me feel good about my stumbling around and coming to my own conclusions that this technical stuff is marrying up with my experiences of these lines out in the real fishing world. Does that make sense?

Anyway, Sufix 832 8-strand braid - sure, there are slightly thinner, limper, smoother, quieter through the guides, and perhaps ever so slightly longer-casting “Japanese style” 8-strands out there (including Sufix’s own Performance Pro 8 that to me is as good as any uber-smooth Japanese 8-strand braid that I have ever fished with, whatever the price, and of course the outstanding Daiwa J-Braid, review for these two lines is here), but what I can’t get away from with this Sufix 832 is how tough it is, and to be honest I am more than happy to give up a little bit of that silky smoothness to get a braid that feels like it’s bombproof, and which just keeps on going and going and going……………..

I’ve got a spare spool here for the Shimano AR-C Aero C14+ 4000 spinning reel, and on that spool is 120m of 0.15mm (9.2kg/ 20lb) Sufix 832 in the white colour - now I fished with that particular spool on that reel back when I went to Morocco in December 2013, and from memory that line was used plenty before that trip and then plenty after it as well. The line has been sitting on that spool for nearly four years now and it feels as good as new, and perhaps more importantly I still can’t break it in my hands when I tie an FG knot to a leader. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me, indeed Mr. Sufix has told me on a couple of occasions now that their slight “problem” if you like with their Sufix 832 is that it lasts too long.

So this is direct from the horse’s mouth: “832 is a US designed braid, strong and for brutal fishing, lot of casts and catches. Unbeatable in abrasion resistance thanks to the Gore material included”. Sounds to me like it’s a braid which could have been designed for a lot of the sort of lure fishing that you or I might do. Did you know that one of the main reasons for your braid suddenly starting to snap out of the blue can actually be due to internal abrasion caused by fishing with it a lot - but do we not assume that those “breaks out of nowhere” are surely caused by external nicks and damage that we don't see? As per the slide above (with thanks to Sufix for letting me use them), the 832 braid is incredibly resistant to external and internal abrasion - and yes, I know what the “competitor braid” is, and yes, I have been asked not to say.

And yes, I grant you that machine testing for abrasion resistance (as per above) is different to being out fishing in the real world as such, but for the life of me I can’t recall any Sufix 832 braid that I have ever fished with not doing its job. I was reading my four year old review here and thinking about the wind knot problems I had occasionally found when using 832 on the smaller Sustain 2500, but with the complete lack of any issues I have had ever since I have to assume that this particular spinning reel just didn’t get on with this particular braid. Is that possible? Was I doing something wrong? Well I can’t see any other answer when I have now used it on other smaller spinning reels without a single issue.

Don’t get me wrong here - I love a silky smooth Japanese style 8-strand braid as much as the next lure angler, and I am in the lucky position to have fished with a lot of different ones over the years. I can’t get away from the realities of a lot of our lure fishing though, and whilst we are not about to hook fish from our shores that are going to strip all the line from a reel due to their sheer size and power, our mainlines can in fact go through a hell of a lot of grief at times because of where we so often do our lure fishing. And for all the deliciousness of a silky smooth 8-strand, in reality I know I’ve got a modern, tough as hell braid here in Sufix 832 that after a hell of a lot of experience with it now feels to me like it’s just about the perfect mainline for my lure fishing - and whether that be for bass, wrasse or pollack. For sure I will keep on trying other braids out when they come along, but it’s going to take something pretty damn special for me to not keep a spinning reel loaded up with Sufix 832.

But what about the diameters, strengths and different colours that you can get this Sufix 832 in? Well I would refer you to the Sufix Europe catalogue right here - and do please ignore any USA line ratings if you come across this line across the pond - and if you want to get some of this braid then go by the diameters and kg breaking strain. My thanks to all of you kind people who have purchased any of your fishing tackle through my affiliate links - the two lure fishing specialists I know of who are starting to major in Sufix fishing lines are here and here if that helps. But it also goes without saying that you can find this braid elsewhere. 

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