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Sufix Performance Pro 8 braid - could this line be one of the best value for money 8-strand braids out there?

First off, this is far more of a preview than an actual review, and secondly, Sufix Performance Pro 8 is not for sale here in the UK - so why you might ask am I talking about it here on my blog? Well I’ve had a thing for Sufix lines for years now, their 832 braid is fantastic, and I then found out about this “silky-smooth” type of 8-strand braid that Sufix do called Performance Pro 8. How could I not have a look at it? I took a punt and bought a spool of it on Ebay for precisely £22.38 delivered - check here if that is of any interest.

It continues to frustrate me that you’ve got what in my opinion is one of the best line brands out there being hardly available at all here in the UK. I am sure there a million different reasons for this that I am not going to pretend I understand or have much time for, but if I was to go back to bait fishing right now I would load my multipliers up with either Sufix Synergy or Sufix Tritanium, and my leaders would be either Sufix Zippy or Sufix Superior. They are serious quality lines that have never let me down, and bear in mind that I am not very up to date with the latest Sufix monos either. Now I would far rather give my business to UK tackle shops and websites, but if I want something specific they haven’t got - through no fault of their own I might add with regards to this Sufix braid - then what choice do I have?

The Sufix 832 may not be a sexy Japanese 8-strand, but it’s as tough as nails and very strong (review here). I have used the 0.15mm/20lb 832 a lot over the last few years and it’s an awesome line. OK, so I am not sure that the diameter claims are entirely accurate, although I have no way of measuring it, and there are thinner, mostly more expensive 8-strands out there - but the 832 is one robust braid, almost like an 8-strand for anglers who don’t like 8-strands if that makes sense. I tend to wonder why the anglers who bang on about PowerPro for example don’t give Sufix 832 a try.

This Penn Clash 3000 is really growing on me. Can't wait to give it a serious hammering come spring.

This Penn Clash 3000 is really growing on me. Can't wait to give it a serious hammering come spring.

Anyway, so what of this Sufix Performance 8 braid that I got my hands on? After a few emails back and forth to a contact I have at Sufix Europe, I bought a 135m spool (about 150 yards) of the 0.15mm/21lb in a pink colour - and no, up until now I have never owned a spool of pink braid. I do now though, and I rather like it - is that wrong? There is also a dark green version if pink doesn’t do it for you. What I was told is that this Performance Pro 8 braid is very accurate as regards diameters and breaking strains. So what’s it like?

Well I can’t give you any long-term findings yet, but crumbs this is one thin and smooth 8-strand braid. I have no way of measuring the diameter, but it feels as thin as you like to me, indeed from simply feeling different 8-strands side by side (braid whisperer?), this Sufix Performance Pro 8 feels easily as thin as one of those silky-smooth, high-end Japanese 8-strands from Varivas, YGK, etc. that I really like lure fishing with. I like how this Performance Pro 8 is a different feeling braid to the 832, and whilst I have reels here now loaded up with 832 and Performance Pro 8 at a quoted diameter of 0.15mm, to the touch the 832 does feel a little bit thicker. Please remember that this is merely my impression.

What I can say so far is that this Sufix Performance Pro 8 braid knots well and casts like a dream, and whilst I can’t tell you yet if it’s the finest thing since cheap sliced white bread (for mullet fishing), I must admit that I have high hopes for this braid with what I know and trust about Sufix lines. Slightly “rougher feeling” 8-strands like the Sufix 832 and the excellent Sunline Super PE8 (review here) could well be better braids for rougher terrains - and there are of course various thoughts that certain braids are better suited to gnarlier environments (although I always reckon that a tight braid over a sharp rock is going to snap whatever it is) - but I can’t say that I have ever regretted fishing with the silky-smooth 8-strands. The really good ones are not remotely cheap, but saying that though, if you buy a spool of the ridiculously good Varivas Avani Sea Bass Max Power Tracer 8-strand braid (review here) and get a full season out of it, then that to me is good value for money. Hell, give me one braid right now to use for bass lure fishing for the rest of my life and it’s going to be that Varivas one. Or the grey version of it. Or both. Both are essentially perfect braids if you ask me.

Anyway, time will of course tell how this Sufix Performance Pro 8 braid does, and bear in mind that there is (a little confusingly) also a Sufix Performance braid, and it’s not the same as the Pro 8 - more like a PowerPro sort of 4-strand, and very good as far as I remember. I don’t know what the proper RRP is on this Performance Pro 8, but I reckon the £22.38 I paid for my spool is potentially great value for money. I will report back in due course, but until then I will enjoy launching my lures into the big wide yonder via a pink Sufix braid that I am hoping might end up being one of the best and decent value for money 8-strands around.