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Sufix Super 21 FC fluorocarbon review (150m spools for £9.99) - why spend any more on your leader material?

I was rooting through the Sufix European catalogue the other day and came across what they refer to as a “castable fluorocarbon line” in this Super 21 FC stuff, and straight away I am wondering why on earth it can’t also be used as a leader material? I like the fact that you can buy 150m spools, the breaking strains and diameters make a lot of sense to me, and the prices are really good when compared to some of the specialist fluorocarbon lines that are sold specifically as leader material.

So I got hold of some and then emailed my Mr. Sufix contact and asked him whether I was barking up the wrong tree by trying this Sufix Super 21 FC castable fluorocarbon out as a leader material, to which his reply was no, not at all, it works great, although of course it’s not made from exactly the same raw materials as their their somewhat more expensive Sufix Invisiline, plus it has various things done to it after extrusion to make it into a castable fluorocarbon mainline (that Sufix Invisiline is a pure leader material, I have used it plenty over the years, and it’s an outstanding line). Yes, I am obsessed with Sufix lines, but why wouldn’t I be when no Sufix line has ever let me down in all the time I have been fishing with them? I also really like the fact that their two different 8-strand braids are well under the £20 mark here in the UK, and that they are becoming properly available once again (Sufix 832 here and Sufix Performance Pro 8 here) - and of course it helps that these braids are just awesome mainlines.

Anyway, this is a remarkably easy review to write, because this Sufix Super 21 FC works perfectly as a leader material for species such as bass, pollack and wrasse, and I know this because I have now used it plenty myself, plus I used it for our clients over in Ireland the other day when I was tying on new leaders for them - and it just works, end of. It’s strong, it works perfectly with the FG knot, it knots great to the lure clip, I like how it’s a bit stiffer than regular mono which I think makes lines like this work so well as leader material, and to be honest, as much as I tell myself that I do really love “pure” fluorocarbons, in reality when I use a line like this Sufix Super 21 FC I am left wondering if I do actually need to spend any more money than what this stuff costs. This much cheaper fluorocarbon leader material does exactly what I want it to do.

If a 150m spool of this line doesn’t last you for a season of saltwater fishing then I’d be surprised (used as leader material), and at the £9.99 price for the sort of diameters/breaking strains we would use here in the UK and Ireland, Super 21 FC just makes a whole heap of sense to me as a leader material. There are a bunch of numbers on the spools, but if you do want to try this fluorocarbon out then go with these figures here when choosing which one to use (and I have based the UK prices on what the outstanding Art of Fishing tackle shop is selling this line for):

  • 0.28mm - 5.4kg/12lb

  • 0.30mm - 6.3kg/14lb  

  • 0.35mm - 8.1kg/18lb

  • 0.40mm - 9.0kg/20lb

So there you go. Yet another Sufix line which is working perfectly for me. Nice and easy on a Monday morning!

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