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Summer weather ?

Wow we've had a battering this past couple of days. A big south west blew up hard on Saturday and then yesterday simply howled north west, but this morning is completely different and the forecast for the next few days is potentially perfect. We had a lie in this morning to 4am, so please excuse this short blog post as we need to get out there and give this south coast of Ireland a proper hammering.

I've had some pretty awesome light for photography, but the highlight of the trip for me so far was catching a couple of bass yesterday evening on a particular method/lure that is new to me. I will explain all when I've got more time, but it's a variation on how many of us are fishing with weightless soft plastics - you know how you just need to catch when you're doing something new to get that confidence rolling ? Well I'm going to take these techniques to a spot this morning that has got some industrial size bass in and we'll see what happens. More to come................