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Summer's finally here

OK, so it's hardly the finest weather for bass fishing out here in Ireland, but early this morning out on the coastline was about as stunning as life is ever going to get. At 4.30am I was watching an otter resting on a rock not twenty yards away from me, and then that big bright sun starts to come up, the sea glasses off, and by about 7am it's already cooking. Sure, I would prefer it fizzing up obviously, but sometimes I reckon you just need to stand back and appreciate the things we see because our fishing forces us to be out and about so early........

The Irish Bass Festival has nearly finished and at the moment it's a fish around the 9lb mark that is leading - if that particular fish wins, then I believe it was caught bumping a Fiiish Black Minnow down the current not far from Tramore. Considering the tough conditions there seems to have been a fair few fish caught, a number of the ones that got away of course, and all in all it seems to have been another great event that I look forward to seeing again next year. I haven't heard yet how the Cornish Lure Festival has been going, but I would imagine there might be a few sunburnt anglers out and about in both countries.

We saw a heap of bass on Saturday morning, but could we get them to take ? Could we hell. I had a bass around the 6/7lb mark that came at me twice on this new MegaBass Dot Crawler soft plastic, but I think the fish saw me just as it was about to nail the lure and turned away. As much as I have been trying out the lure in these calm conditions, this thing is 7 inches long and weighs 27g and it frigging flies, and I would imagine that it could well be the soft plastic for me when the condition are banging and you would be turning to a hard lure that has got some proper "grip". It really casts well into a breeze.

I saw Ger nail this 6lb bass early this morning on the Dot Crawler, so it's the first bass I have seen landed on one. We are fishing it like the lads are fishing their senkos - rod tip up slightly, winding really slowly. I can see us fishing with soft plastics a lot next week with the forecast we have got (I love summer, but does it need to arrive just now ??!!). Anyway, more to come.................