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Surely any sectors of the tackle trade which profit from the bass fishing market should properly get behind the conservation efforts - with big credit to Sidewinder Lures

If there is one thing that has never made much sense to me, it’s how the bass fishing related UK tackle trade doesn’t seem to get involved much in the whole bass conservation thing - when the simple fact must surely be that if we have more and bigger bass to catch then we will spend more of our money chasing them. We may currently look across the pond in a state of incredulity a lot of the time these days, but one thing I can’t argue against is how politically active their sport fishing market is, and how involved so much of the fishing tackle trade is in this. More anglers equals a healthier and wealthier marketplace so it’s a win win situation all round………..

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So I can’t help but take my hat off to a company like Sidewinder Lures which has chosen to get right behind the rather fantastic work that the Save Our Sea Bass (SOS) group do to try and secure a better future for these fish we obsess about. For sure a lot of the work these kind souls do sadly goes unnoticed and unappreciated, but rest assured that there are a number of selfless anglers out there who do more than their bit on our behalf (and you have my eternal thanks) - and what a group like SOS could really do with is a whole lot more concerted effort from the fishing tackle trade.

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I am quoting from the SOS website here, and it’s from the MD of Sidewinder Lures, Dave Kiddy: “Sidewinder lures are now delighted to be working closely with the lobby group Save Our Sea Bass, in order to pressure the government to re-think its policy regarding the public’s access to Sea bass stocks. Sidewinder lures are very disappointed in the huge difference between how the Government treats the commercial fishing sector as opposed to the Recreational Sea angling sector. From 2018 all Sidewinder products shall also carry the Save Our Sea Bass logo and we would encourage all individual Sea anglers with an interest in their sport to contact their MP as soon as possible to impress upon the Government how unhappy they are with the current situation.”


Can you imagine how good it would be to see these bass related campaigns that are waged on our behalf being properly backed by companies within the tackle trade? There is a story I heard a campaign to try and better protect a specific fishery for redfish over in the US, and a major fishing tackle company was approached to ask about getting involved, and they did - to the tune of handing over a cheque for $1,000,000 to help fight the campaign. Now even if the figures relayed to me were a bit of an exaggeration (but I was assured they were true), can you imagine going cap in hand to a UK fishing tackle company and asking for some funds to try and secure healthier bass stocks? I have a lot of respect for the fishing tackle trade as a whole, but I am not exactly seeing what Sidewinder Lures are doing being replicated very much by other businesses who stand to profit from the likes of you and I spending our money on going bass fishing. Are things slowly changing or will we be having the same conversations another few years down the line?

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And I hope all you kind readers of this blog are doing ok as the Beast from the East ravages our fair isle and dumps such biblical amounts of snow that schools are forced to close (my girls are gutted!), businesses are affected, and of course the majority of drivers choose to collectively drive like a bunch of idiots because there’s this slippery white stuff on the roads which means they have to drive just as fast and as close to the person in front of them! We may be good at lots of things here in the UK, but I would suggest that when a bit of snow falls that we do get a little bit overexcited. And please note that I haven’t yet talked about the England Scotland rugby from last weekend because I am still trying to work out if getting thrashed like that will actually turn out to be a good thing in the long run. Complacency killer?